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Wearing a cobalt blue dress accessorized with a necklace made of the currency of an island tribe of toddlers, Julie welcomes us back to Day 48 and all but says this week was a rerun, with HoH Daniele trying to get rid of Brendon yet again. Except for how he's up against Shelly this time, who has pissed people off plenty since then. As you recall, Daniele replacement-nominated Brendon after Adam Vetoed himself. "Nobody's going to be able to evict me twice in the same summer," Brendon boasts in the Diary Room. What are you going to do about it, stud? Shelly DRs that she's confident she's not the target, Daniele basically says she has to clean up after Kalia's disastrous week as HoH (like it's her fault Lawon's an idiot and the producers screwed everyone), and Rachel claims that Daniele is "intimidated" by Brendon, and it's stupid of her to try to get rid of Brendon and make enemies again. Well, it is a summer of remakes.

After the nominations, Brendon and Rachel go into the Have-Not room so she can whine and he can buck her up. As usual. Rachel asks what they can do about Jeff and Jordan. That's firmly in the area of About To Not Be Brendon's Problem Any More, but he makes some reassuring noises. In the DR, he figures he's got Rachel's vote and hopefully Jeff and Jordan's, so if he can get Adam's or Porsche's that's enough to stay. Good luck to him. I don't actually mean that.

Out in the backyard, Shelly and Daniele talk about Rachel's (venomous but surprisingly quiet) reaction to the replacement nomination of Brendon, while the camera keeps cutting to Jeff, soaking in the pool and soaking in the gossip.

Later, Brendon and Rachel make their overtures to Adam about what it'll take to vote to keep Brendon. Adam's main contribution to the conversation is how women have been winning HoHs and men have been winning PoVs all season. Thanks, Superfan. It's always the historians who set themselves apart in this game. Brendon argues that Daniele wants all the men out of the house before offering to have Adam's back and remain as a bigger target. As if it's possible to be a smaller target than Adam. Figuratively speaking, of course.

Rachel approaches Porsche alone to talk about the upcoming vote. Porsche admits that she doesn't love Shelly, but Brendon is hard to beat, and thus inadvisable to keep. Rachel claims that Shelly said she was going to nominate Porsche if she won HoH, which is such a bald-faced lie that only someone as stupid as Porsche would believe it. And even she doesn't seem to. Porsche points out that she got burned voting to keep Brendon last time, so she hasn't decided. "Don't be all boo-hoo face, though," she advises Rachel when leaving the room. Rachel obliges, but as soon as Porsche's gone, she switches to "apoplectic-Nellie-Oleson-face."

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