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Dropping the Ball

Thanks to Kim for covering for me during last week's high-speed proceedings. Nice to know you were in good hands. And it's nice to come back to see two of my least favorite players gone.

Speaking of which, we flash back to Mike's eviction. Frank DRs about how that hurts his game (I actually think the word is "decimates"), Dan DRs that Mike had to go for being too tight with Frank, and after we see Ian whispering to Mike on his way out the door that he respects him in every sense of the word, Ian DRs about how much his heart hurt, and that he respected and admired Mike too much to let him walk out and get blindsided. Oh, Ian, just when I was rooting for you. Frank DRs that Ian owed Mike the vote, which is crap. We also flash back to Frank yelling at Ian after Mike's exit and making him cry.

Then there's the flashback to Ian's win of the season's shortest HoH reign, which Ian tried and failed to throw because he didn't want to have to go after Frank on behalf of the Quack Pack. And then he went into the arcade room with Dan, who told him to calm down, before he had to be in there all fired up alone with Frank and exchanging rushed assurances of nothing in particular. Then Britney and Shane rushed in with Ian and told Ian to nominate Frank and Ashley, despite Ian's DR'ed theory that backdooring Frank was the safer play because if Frank gets nominated he's in the PoV competition, which he's liable to win (which we now know he did). And then Ian and Ashley had a short convo in there, where Ashley shares her usual thoughts -- that is to say, nothing -- but it was still more than they had to say to each other on their last date. And then Ian shortly told Joe to name his picks and Joe said Frank and Ashley, like anyone cares what Joe wants. Ian demands a week of safety from Joe in exchange. Nobody ever has time for Joe, except during the final seconds of a commercial break on a live show?

Then we flash to Ian's nomination of Frank and Ashley, which thrilled Dan and disgusted Frank. But then of course Frank won PoV, just as Ian feared, and boasted in the DR about saving himself for the fifth time. Ian complains in the DR about having to "fear the wrath of a very angry Frank." Who then pulled Ian into the arcade room. They talked about getting Joe out, and then we flash back to Joe's third nomination of the game happening during Thursday's show. Ian was pissed at Britney for not listening to him (dude, you're the one who listened to Britney), and Frank started flailing around the house for votes to keep Ashley, then yelled at Joe while everyone sat in the living room waiting for Julie to come back on the viewscreen. Then there was Ashley's eviction, much to the regret of Ian and contrary to Frank's one vote for her to stay. And of course Frank hollered at everyone, mainly Ian, while Britney begged Frank to back off him. Frank loudly yelled about how everyone wants to get rid of him. And this behavior from him is fixing

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