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As always, Sunday starts with a rehash of Thursday. Keesha happily Diary Rooms about how popular she turned out to be, according to the unanimous vote to evict Libra instead of herself. April says she decided to get Libra out, all "I meant to do that," and Michelle remarks that she was the only one Libra didn't hug goodbye. We see Keesha thanking everyone for their votes, and Renny is a little nervous because her photo on the memory wall is surrounded by black-and-white photos of the evictees, which makes her feel like a target. She'll feel better in a few minutes.

And sure enough, after winning the Head of Household competition, Renny says she's looking forward to seeing photos of her family. Keesha and Memphis are both excited about Renny's big win and what it means for them, but Renny's already worried about Memphis moving into the otherwise-empty women's room with Keesha. "Keesha's mine, Memphis, do you hear me? Mine!" Okay, she doesn't actually say that. Audibly.

Inside, April and Ollie are trying to have a quiet moment to be sad when Jerry wanders in and sits across from them with a creepy smile. Doesn't say a word, just leers at them. Finally Ollie invites April to "go lay down with me." As they go past Keesha and Memphis, the latter two agree that April and Ollie will be this week's nominees.

But first, they snuggle in bed talking strategy (which is based on April's assumption that Jerry will be one of Renny's nominees), until Jerry joins them. Not in the actual bed, but it's just as creepy as he stares at the ceiling from the other bed in the room. While he lies there, April and Ollie have a whispered discussion of how each of them will fare against Jerry. Jerry, in turn, probably assumes that they're talking about futures markets.

Renny sits and pouts in what used to be the women's room, and starts looking all suspicious and jealous when Memphis comes in and banters with Keesha. As soon as he's gone, Renny tries to warn Keesha about Memphis, which makes Keesha more worried about Renny than suspicious of Memphis. I don't know why Renny is making such a case about this to Keesha. What was is Keesha said a few weeks ago? "Am I not the HoH!?!"

It's time to see Renny's HoH room, and she dissolves into wheezing sobs the moment she opens the door and sees her late parents' photos on the table. It's actually awkward. The boys hang out uncomfortably in the hallway, and even the girls offer to give Renny a minute to pull herself together in private. Of course she doesn't want it, because if nobody's watching her she ceases to exist. Jerry DRs about this new side of Renny, because she's usually such a clown. Yes, Jerry -- now she's a sad clown.

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