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It's day 53, and with five players left and Dan and Keesha nominated by Jerry, Dan still has hopes of preserving the secret "Renegades" alliance he has with Memphis. Jerry reminds us in the Diary Room that Dan is the target and Keesha is the pawn (funny how much that word looks like "palin," isn't it?). We're also reminded that Memphis has deals with Dan, Jerry, and Keesha, which means all he has to do is get rid of Renny, after which at least two people will be really pissed off at him and he'll be in great shape.

The two nominees discuss the situation, and Dan says they could both still stay. Keesha makes the astounding deductive leap that this would mean Memphis or Renny would have to go up, although she doesn't quite reach the conclusion that they'd have to go home as well. They also speculate that if Dan wins and saves himself then Jerry will nominate Memphis, whereas if Keesha does the same Renny will be the replacement nominee. Bottom line: no one is safe this week. Got that? If not, it's okay, because it'll be repeated a lot.

Dan decides to go and visit Jerry, who also talks about the importance of the Power of Veto this week. He DRs that he's trying to cover up his deal with Memphis, but then we see him warning Dan that nobody has his back, whatever he may think. Subtle. The problem with Jerry keeping quiet about what he knows is that Jerry can't ever keep quiet about anything.

And later, down in the kitchen, Jerry is running down scenarios with Renny as a way of warning her that depending on the PoV outcome, she's the most dispensable member of her alliance. So she goes to flip shit on Keesha, who can't offer Renny much reassurance besides, "Win the PoV and you won't have to worry about it." Well, I guess anything is possible. Aside from Renny winning PoV, that is.

Jerry comes out into the backyard to find Dan soaking in the pool, Memphis chilling on the porch, and some skywritten letters high overhead. While stumbling around backwards to read the writing, Jerry -- wait for it -- falls in the pool. Dan and Memphis keep admirably straight faces as Jerry climbs out, complaining about a hurt ass and bruised dignity. Dan does cackle at him in the DR, though: "The pool has been there for sixty days! Jerry hasn't gone anywhere!"

Later, Memphis confirms his final two deals with Jerry, Keesha, and Dan. Although not all at once, which is pretty discreet of him. Memphis claims that he's going to be doing what's best for him. I'd say the best thing for him would be to take off that stupid Davy Crockett hat.

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