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Julie welcomes us and the live studio audience to Day 66 and tells us that the final Head of Household will be determined tonight, live, and then will get to evict one of the other two players, LIVE! But first, we flash back to the first round of the three-round HoH competition, which we left still in progress on Tuesday night. Dan, Memphis, and Jerry are balanced on those biplanes in the backyard, which are now pitching in the fake wind and rain. Dan says something fake-passive-aggressive to Memphis about booting Keesha, which triggers a flashback-within-a-flashback of Keesha's exit. Jerry comments in the Diary Room that this is the first time someone did what they said they were going to do for him. Memphis assures the DR that he only did so because he and Dan felt they had a better chance of beating Jerry in the end than Keesha. There's also a flashback of Dan's farewell to Keesha, where he whispered to her that he took Michelle on the trip. And by "finish it," he was asking her to campaign for him with Michelle. He adds that throwing the last Power of Veto competition was a smart move, since now Keesha's mad at Memphis instead of Dan. We also see Dan acting mad at Memphis in front of Jerry after the eviction, in order to make Jerry think he's in good shape.

Back on the planes, Dan is still accusing Memphis of backstabbing until Jerry falls off. Must have been pretty quick, since we don't even see how long he was up there. But the problem with Dan bitching at Memphis is that now they have to actually look like they're trying to outlast each other. Memphis is even starting to get annoyed with Dan's hamming it up.

As time goes on, the planes start moving more, and Dan is having trouble holding on, and getting impatient with Memphis's endurance. But eventually, seemingly out of nowhere, Memphis falls. Naturally, Jerry suspects nothing. Dan is even hoping that Jerry will feel secure enough to throw phase two of the HoH competition to Memphis. Well, I wouldn't go that far.

In the kitchen, Jerry thanks Memphis for saving him, thinking they're good buddies now. As soon as he's gone, however, Dan and Memphis talk about flipping for the privilege of evicting Jerry, remembering that it all depends on Memphis beating Jerry in the second round so it can be Memphis vs. Dan in the third round. I know some people consider the Renegades cocky, but I think their concern that Jerry is capable of winning two competitions in a row is a tad bit unfounded.

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