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We rejoin the Head of House competition -- the one where everyone has to untangle a long rope from a yard-sized rope grid suspended a couple feet over mud, hay, and grass -- already in progress. As we know, Brendon's out for both survival and revenge, and outgoing HoH Matt Diary Rooms about how it would be nice for someone in the Brigade besides him to win a competition for once. And people in Hell want ice water.

Flashback to Rachel's eviction, and the subtitles come through for us with regard to what she whispered to him during her exit: "Baby, you have to win. Please." Why? He could never win HoH when she was there. Matt gives himself credit for this eviction, and indeed all previous evictions, when in fact we all know that everyone else who left committed the mortal sin of getting between Rachel and her man. Lane remarks in the DR on everyone wanting to stay clear of Brendon, so much that when they scatter, they totally miss Rachel's picture going to black-and-white.

Back to the HoH competition, which Lane DRs in his comfort zone, with the hay and the mud and all. Hayden and Enzo whine a lot, and Kathy and Ragan are completely disoriented. Enzo DRs about the lead Brendon has, but he isn't worried about it because...

Flashback to three hours before the HoH competition. Enzo whispers to Hayden that he's going after Ragan and Britney next, because they're too close to Matt and Lane, and that leaves the other half of the Brigade vulnerable. Wow. With allies like that, who needs enemies? We see them then roust Brendon and Rachel out of bed, assuring Brendon that he's going home but Britney and Ragan are their next targets. Brendon and Rachel agree to the plan, but of course that was before the eviction, so who knows what Brendon's state of mind is now?

Brendon's extending his lead (which Lane amusingly attributes to Rachel's stabbing him in the back with a syringe full of rabies when she left), while Kathy and Enzo are in a humiliating race for last. Lane's closing in on a tangled-up Brendon as the ads hit.

When we come back, Lane's already mentally reading his HoH letter when Brendon narrates, "All of a sudden, a giant cloud of focus comes over me." That cloud clearly departed before he entered the HoH room and started mixing metaphors, but it's enough to help him make it to the end and hit the button, triggering a cheesy "Eye of the Tiger" music cue and hollering out that this was for Rachel as the rest of the houseguests mope unhappily. Brendon picks his three Have-Nots: "Ragan, Britney and Matt." He keeps rubbing it in, saying they would have been better off keeping Rachel, and boasts to the DR about having no mercy to people who had no mercy for Rachel. The thing he keeps leaving out of the equation is that Rachel is horrible.

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