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As you may recall, HoH Jordan nominated Adam and Dominic on Sunday. After the previouslies, we slide back into real time on Day 14, and as they get up from the table, Adam whispers to Dominic, "Fight." Not sure if he's using that as a noun or an imperative verb, and it doesn't look like Dominic is, either. Adam Diary-Rooms that he was told he isn't the target, so he has to trust Jeff and Jordan. Dominic is much more sure that he, Dominic, is the target, and that Adam has betrayed him. Jordan tells us that she thinks Dominic is the ringleader of the (now-all-but-defunct) newbie alliance, so he has to go. Rachel thanks Jeff, and he deflects the praise to Jordan. "And if people are mad, It's Jordan too," he adds. But of course Rachel is faking -- she's pissed that Cassi wasn't nominated, because Jordan's refusal to indulge her petty personal snit with Cassi means Rachel can't trust her now. Whatever, shut up.

Dominic tells Cassi in the Have-Not room that he knew it was coming, and the outcome depends on whatever deal Adam made with Jeff and Jordan. Cassi tells Dominic to offer a better deal, but Dominic isn't interested in throwing himself on their mercy again. Lawon enters and tells Dominic to fight. Enter Adam, raising the tension level, until they both agree that they have to win the Power of Veto competition. "Stay classy, Cincinnati," Adam adds, to general eye-rolls. Maybe it's just because he's coming off insincere, but I like to think that remark would earn eye-rolls under any circumstances.

Adam's next visit is to Jordan in the HoH room, still saying he needs to win PoV, but Jordan promises him that if he throws it, they'll save him. And Adam buys it. "She's HoH, that's what I gotta do," he sighs in the DR.

Rachel and Porsche are hanging in the Have-Not room discussing how to get rid of Cassi before the duos are separated. I'd go into their strategy for that, but since they'd rather just shit-talk Cassi than get into any specifics at all, I really can't. Lawon wanders in, not failing to note the significance of Rachel and Porsche talking. "Those girls are always up to no good," he DRs.

Daniele has a top-secret convo with Dominic about how she made the case to evict Cassi, but Jeff and Jordan wanted Dominic out more. Dominic DRs that he and Daniele are building a relationship of trust, blah blah, while a more clear-eyed Daniele says she wants Dominic making her moves for her, and to understand that her game is to his benefit. "At least for now." Wow, is she actually playing this game?

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