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Dan If You Do, Dan If You Don't

The first half of this episode is going to be told in flashback, obviously. After we see Frank's exit from Thursday night replayed, Ian Diary-Rooms that Frank was his biggest threat. Jenn DRs that she feels isolated, since two people in her alliance apparently turned on the other one. She probably misses the days when she didn't have an alliance at all. And Dan tells Frank in the DR that it's his own fault for not backdooring Dan when he had the chance. Yes, I think Frank got that memo. During a break on Thursday's live show, we see that Jenn pulled Dan into a room to talk with him... to I guess cement their alliance after Dan just crapped on it. "What choice do I have?" Jenn asks us. Win the upcoming HoH, maybe, but of course we all know that's never going to happen.

After we see Dan win the Micro-HoH during Thursday's show, he DRs that after Frank, the next most dangerous person to him is Ian. So he pulled Ian into the bedroom during Thursday's show and told him he was going to nominate Ian as a pawn, just like he did with Memphis. I wonder how effective it is for Dan to keep invoking the one final-two player in Big Brother history who didn't get a single jury vote. Ian was understandably nervous about this, but Dan conferred with Shane as well, saying maybe it was time for Ian to go. Dan's instructions to Danielle were to "get Shane in that mindset," namely the mindset of nominating Ian and Joe for Thursday's second eviction. Dan then had a whispered conversation with Jenn telling him his plan, but without mentioning his other alliances. Meanwhile, Danielle warned Shane that they needed to take Ian out if he stayed on the block.

Ian is still not entirely on board with Dan's plan to nominate him as a pawn (and would probably be even less on board if he knew he were the actual target), but then, luckily for him, he won the PoV on the live show, so it was moot. Ian DRs that it was the best feeling he's ever had in his entire life, which is the saddest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. This of course meant Dan had to get rid of someone else, and was considering Shane. Dan has a talk with Jenn where he suggests Shane, and then has the same conversation with Danielle. But Danielle isn't ready to lose Shane yet, so she talks Dan into getting rid of Joe instead. But this means Dan has to extract a promise from Shane not to tell Ian that he was Dan's target. So it's a done deal for Joe, who never knew what hit him. Of course he was never going to know, so it's hard to feel too bad for him.

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