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Preexisting Relationships

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Preexisting Relationships

With Amanda and Alex as the first HoH couple, everyone wonders how things are going to play out, including the HoH couple themselves. Alex admits that he has mixed feelings about having won, because it means he and Amanda are going to have to nominate people for eviction. Parker says that he and Jen, the former "power couple," have gone from being "Brad and Angelina" to "Kathy Griffin and Pauly Shore." What's dude got against Kathy Griffin? He'd better not let Neil and Joshuah hear him saying that [/stereotype].

When they come back in the house, everyone gathers around the memory wall with the new pictures up. They're individual photos instead of couple shots, by the way, which pretty much confirms a suspicion I've had all along that these couples are not necessarily permanent throughout the game. Jen loudly crows about her picture being in the number one spot, which she thinks means she's going to win. Paint a target on yourself, lady. Her partner, Parker, is irritated by the move, and later, in one of the bedrooms, yells at Jen while James quietly changes out of his leopard-skin lingerie (you heard me). Jen apologizes to Parker, but the ripples are already going through the house. Parker has a quiet talk in the sauna room with Jen's real boyfriend's partner Allison, as they both complain about having to be aligned with Jen. So then Jen and Ryan come in to join the convo, and Allison lays down the law: if Jen isn't nice to Allison, she's going to spill the beans. Jen gives a pissed-off DR interview in which she says that if Allison does that, it'll screw up everyone's game, including Allison's. Did anyone tell Jen and Ryan to keep this a secret in the first place? I'm just asking.

So then Allison makes the genius move of going and bitching to Ryan about his girlfriend. Ryan assures her that he's on her side, because it's not like he has a choice. At least not yet. Keep those individual photos on the memory wall in mind, my friend.

In another little grouping, Amanda is talking to some people -- including Neil and Joshuah -- about how she's used to being stereotyped just like they are, because of her high voice. Neil is trying to politely draw her into admitting it's not the same thing, until she totally trumps anything he was going to say by, apropos of nothing, dropping the bomb that her dad committed suicide when she was 21. Furthermore, she kind of blames herself because her dad wasn't able to reach her that day. He was also thoughtful enough to leave a guilt-trip voice mail on her cell phone that will surely haunt her for the rest of her days, which was classy of him. This little scene makes Chelsia reassess Amanda, and realize she has unsuspected depths.

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