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Kobayashi McCrae

Up in the HoH room, the Exterminators -- GinaMarie, Judd, Andy and Spencer -- meet to presumably agree on their replacement nominee. And since Elissa's the only viable option not present, it's probably a no-brainer. Or one would think so, except that GinaMarie is reluctant to nominate Elissa after Elissa didn't nominate GinaMarie last week. She suggests they Roshambo for it, and even though GinaMarie's would be the tiebreaking vote, neither Judd, Spencer, nor Andy are entirely confident. Andy, this would be a great time to both calm Amanda and McCrae's suspicions and demonstrate your loyalty to the Exterminators by taking one for the team. But then courage isn't exactly Andy's style.

Before the Veto meeting, McCrae says that although Amanda hasn't asked him to Veto her, he's considering doing so anyway. Amanda bitches about GinaMarie being HoH in the first place: "It's way too much power for way too small of a mind." Judd calls this the worst-case scenario, which is a bit of an exaggeration for someone who's already been evicted once. McCrae calls the Veto meeting, and he invites Amanda to try and convince him to use the Veto on her. Amanda stands up, takes a long moment to compose herself and says that they both fought hard. "And I kicked everyone's ass who challenged me," she reminds them all. But she's glad the person she lost to was McCrae and doesn't ask, expect, or want him to use the Veto on her. So McCrae stands and sadly says he's decided to use it on himself. "I'm sorry," he tells Amanda, and ritually instructs GinaMarie to name her replacement nominee. Gina starts by saying her replacement is awesome "and does one heck of a chicken dance." That narrows it down to two, and we can see the wheels turning in Amanda's head that it's not going to be Andy, as stripped as those wheels are right now. Spencer's nominated yet again and he takes his seat next to Amanda. McCrae adjourns the Veto meeting by performing the usual action of closing the medal box, but with the unusual method of kicking it.

In the DR, McCrae says he let Amanda down and thinks they could have figured something out if he'd used the PoV on her. Amanda incorrectly thinks that GinaMarie's move was personal and motivated by jealousy, "And it just sucks that you have some bimbo ruining my game." Spencer takes his latest nomination pretty well, saying this makes him the record holder for the most nominations in one season. He's not too worried about surviving his seventh time, given that he's facing Amanda. But tomorrow it's double eviction again, so all bets are off. If anybody were dumb enough to bet on this randomness in the first place.

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