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Kobayashi McCrae

GinaMarie is called up, and she picks Amanda. This is going to be one of those things we've seen before, where one player is targeted to play in every round but it backfires because they get better at it every time, isn't it? Of course that's only if Amanda can beat GinaMarie, whose dance background helps her with the pirouetting. But she's much worse than Amanda at the bowling part, knocking down one pin to Amanda's three in her first attempt. And by the second window of bowling, Amanda has thumped GinaMarie as well.

That means it's down to Spencer to beat either member of the showmance, and he's called up to be McCrae's opponent. Skinny little McCrae is able to spin a lot faster than the mango-shaped Spencer, but unfortunately for him that also means he's a lot dizzier when they get to the bowling lanes. He rolls balls uphill blindly, and both Spencer and McCrae end up getting two pins on their first tries. McCrae manages to beat Spencer on their second attempt, though. So the good news for Amanda and McCrae (and the bad news for the Exterminators and Elissa) is that one of them is about to win PoV. The bad news for Amanda and McCrae is that only one of them is about to win PoV and the other one will almost certainly go home. McCrae DRs that it's one of the most tragic things that's ever happened to him, which tells me he's had a pretty good life.

After the ads, Amanda says that she's fighting hard to beat McCrae and expects him to do the same. McCrae is one pin ahead after the first window of bowling, but Amanda soon catches up on the next one. By the time they're taking their last spins, each of them has just one pin left to knock down. Even the spectators who hate them both are tense and nervous and finally, McCrae beats Amanda by just a second or two in a split screen photo finish. So he wins, he stays and Amanda is almost certainly gone. McCrae vomits into a bucket while Amanda lies on the ground and hyperventilates. They're not so much together now and McCrae is the saddest-looking person to ever have the PoV medal hung around his neck. He DRs that Amanda is a better player than he is, and this was a no-win scenario for him. Amanda compares it to summer camp, saying they got to spend all this time together and won't ever have that again in the real world. "My game is over. This experience is over." And what have we learned, Amanda?

Inside, Amanda tearfully congratulates McCrae on a job well done and promises she didn't throw it. She still doesn't know why Andy picked her as his matchup, but she's too defeated to follow that thread right now.

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