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Amanda finds Andy in the HoH room and explains to him that the reason she didn't pick him for the PoV was because she didn't want to make him pick between Amanda and McCrae if he wins. Spencer also promises to fight for them, though he DRs what we already know, which is that he has no interest in changing the nominations.

Elissa tattles to Judd that Andy's lying to someone, which he is, but not to who she thinks. She leaves the room as soon as Andy comes in, and Judd tells Andy about Elissa's suspicions. Now Andy has to worry about being in Elissa's crosshairs too. So he heads up to GinaMarie and tells her what he just heard from Judd. GinaMarie says she's not worried about Andy's loyalties, but can see why Elissa would be. Spencer joins them, and they start talking final four for the Exterminators if they can just get rid of Amanda, McCrae and Elissa. Judd joins them after his shower, and they start getting on my nerves by working on their Exterminators hand signal. Aren't the names enough without all the mime crap? They look like the Dorkin Man.

PoV competition time. Everyone comes out into the yard wearing tutus and dancing like the producers clearly told them to. This looks like a combined ballet and bowling theme, with tilted alleys set up. Judd explains the rules: the competition will take place in one-on-one heats, in which each player will try to be the first to knock down the four fake pins at the top of their lane. The trick is that there's a barrier in front of the pins and to lower it, they'll first need to hang from a handle overhead and spin fifteen revolutions, which will lower the gate for fifteen seconds. That's their window to try to knock the pins down after they're completely dizzy. Tricky, no? Obviously Amanda and McCrae aren't thrilled about competing against each other in this. After Judd draws names at random to determine the order, Amanda's name was drawn first, so she picks Elissa as her opponent for the first round. They grab their handles, Judd says go and they start spinning. Seems like the yoga instructor would have the edge on this. She does indeed lower her gate first, but Amanda knocks down two pins in her first fifteen-second window, compared to Elissa's zero. She also gets a third one on her second try, while Elissa only gets her first. Amanda manages to clear the board on her third try, so she's still in it and Elissa's out. Even if Amanda has to sit down and retch afterwards.

It's Andy's turn to go next and he chooses Amanda as his opponent. He outlines his reasons for this in the DR: one, he can claim to have thrown it to her; two, he can prove his loyalty to the Exterminators; and three, he can show Elissa that he's not on Amanda's side. Not sure how he's going to accomplish all three at the same time. Especially since Amanda DRs that Andy had to know she wasn't ready for another round right after the first one. When the round begins, Amanda knocks down two of her four pins before Andy has even lowered his gate. She knocks down a third on her second try yet again, while Andy is doing so poorly he might as well have thrown it for real. He hardly could have done worse. Elissa gets on my nerves in the DR by complaining about how Amanda has gotten so much better at competitions after sucking at them for so long. It's not the sentiment so much as the fact that Elissa says "All of the sudden."

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