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Kobayashi McCrae

Amanda's latest pout-fest venue is the Have-Not room. McCrae follows her in there as she cries about how she can't believe people lied to her so well and she had no idea. Amanda counts Spencer and Judd in that, having calculated that GinaMarie wouldn't have done it without the votes. They both know their showmance is over no matter what, but Amanda maintains in the DR that she loves her 24-year-old pizza boy from Minnesota. She tells him that she's ready to go, like she's on her deathbed or something.

Amanda finds Andy in the storage room, thinking he's still on her side. He plays the part, telling her to hang in there and win the Veto. They end up talking about what's going on and Amanda bitches about Elissa's Joker-faceā€¦ while Elissa is eavesdropping outside the door. Andy joins in, and upon hearing what he's saying, Elissa concludes that Andy actually is still on Amanda's side and not just pretending to be. Because she is an idiot. Spencer happens along on the outside of the door and when Elissa mouths to him who's in there, Spencer's greatest fear is that Elissa might overhear Andy assuring Amanda that both he and Spencer are on Amanda's side. When the door opens -- either by Spencer on the outside or Amanda on the inside -- Spencer enters and Amanda asks whether Elissa was listening outside. When Spencer nods, Amanda performs the remarkable feat of slamming a door open and goes stomping outside. But instead of confronting Elissa, she goes and tattles to McCrae and DRs that she's going to do everything possible to make Elissa the replacement nominee and send her home this week. Good luck with that.

Time to choose the PoV players. Or, since there are seven people left in the house, the one non-player. Nominees McCrae and Amanda join HoH GinaMarie at the front of the room to draw names. GinaMarie draws Elissa's name. Amanda pulls houseguest's choice and picks Spencer, whom I suppose she's decided she trusts after all. Andy's relieved at dodging that bullet, until McCrae draws his name. Which makes him worry that he's going to have to reveal his allegiances after all, and makes stupid Elissa think that Amanda's happy reaction to Andy's selection means that Andy actually is still allied with her, not that Amanda just thinks he is. Also, Elissa, pick a color for your face and stick with it. GinaMarie also announces that Judd and Spencer can ditch their chicken costumes because their punishment time is up. And only 47 hours and 59 minutes after it stopped being funny, too.

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