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Kobayashi McCrae

HoH GinaMarie became the first person to nominate Amanda and McCrae on Day 71, because that's what everyone in the house wanted. Except of course for Amanda and McCrae. Amanda tearfully Diary Rooms that she was completely blindsided, and wanted to be the first showmance to make it to the end. McCrae is also really bummed out in the DR, saying that Amanda's important to both him and to his game. Elissa DRs that she's excited that one of them will be going home. Regardless of the results of tonight's Veto competition, presumably. As for Amanda and McCrae, they head right to bed as we saw at the end of Sunday's episode. Amanda tells McCrae that more people than GinaMarie must have been in on this. She also DRs that she's now pissed and crazy. Isn't that her default state lately? She tells McCrae that GinaMarie must be in an alliance with Elissa that also includes Judd and Spencer. Which is accurate, except that it's Andy instead of Elissa in that alliance. So Amanda goes to confront Spencer, who claims not to have any idea what GinaMarie is up to, even as he boasts in the DR about how the Exterminators are running the place now. Just in secret. Amanda suggests that everyone head up to ask GinaMarie what's up. Andy wants no part of this, because whichever of the nominees stays, Andy doesn't want them coming after him for flipping on them.

So Amanda heads up to the HoH room by herself and asks why GinaMarie didn't nominate Elissa. GinaMarie is implacable, blaming Amanda for not being there for Aaryn when she needed them. Amanda reminds GinaMarie that Elissa nominated and ultimately evicted both Nick and Aaryn, so GinaMarie clues Amanda in that Elissa decided to try to evict Amanda last week, which is why she didn't nominate GinaMarie against Aaryn. Downstairs, Judd hears their raised voices and suggests putting together a team to go break it up, which Andy joins but Spencer stays out of. One chicken in the HoH room at a time is plenty. As Judd and Andy enter the room, Amanda is still not getting it, even as GinaMarie insists this was her own decision and not Elissa's. Amanda gets more and more pissed, telling GinaMarie this was a stupid game move because she thinks anyone who wins the Veto will save either her or McCrae and then come after GinaMarie next week, along with whichever one of them stays. Which is wrong on several counts. "So y'all run the game then, basically?" Judd pipes up. Amanda says she gets it now, and heads out of the room. Judd chases her through the door, accusing Amanda of having said that he would be nominated. Amanda and GinaMarie end up yelling at each other between the main and upper floors, with GinaMarie sounding like the reasonable one in any exchange for the first time all summer. Amanda ends up whining that she doesn't even want to be in the house any more. Okay, new rule: anyone who says that is subject to summary eviction. "Amanda, please go to the nearest trapdoor."

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