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Poor Judd Is Dead. Again.

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The Final Countdown

My thanks and the thanks of my family to Angel for covering the show yet again this past Sunday, this time with only a few hours' notice. Everything's okay now, but of all the things I prefer to watching Big Brother, hanging out in a Duluth hospital isn't one of them.

Julie comes to us from the studio, which is unusual for a Wednesday night. Almost as unusual as her jaunty side-ponytail. Then she tells us that the finale is only a week away, and I realize she looks fantastic.

After the previouslies and credits, Julie reminds us that it's down to McCrae and the Exterminators (Judd, Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie) and nobody else. HoH Spencer nominated McCrae and GinaMarie, though obviously McCrae is the target. But he thinks he can still fight and win the Veto. Sure, that could happen, now that all the good players are gone.

After the nominations, GinaMarie is overacting her response to her nomination, because she's still handcuffed to McCrae like they're the Defiant Ones. Later, Spencer asks Andy and Judd how his nomination speech went. They think he did a good job of not alarming McCrae overly, and are now more worried about preventing him from winning the Veto. Judd asks what happens if McCrae does win it. Well, mathematically, someone in this room will have to take his place, and Spencer comes right out and says it'll be Judd. But GinaMarie will be the one to go home, which is easy to say given that she isn't in the room. Judd's a little nervous that Andy isn't even being considered, but oddly that doesn't appear to be bothering Andy at all.

While everyone save Spencer is hanging out in the living room like a bunch of lethargic zoo animals, Judd is ordered by the Big Brother Drill Sergeant to do 75 sit-ups. That's kind of a lot. I know I wouldn't be able to do it, at least not all in one day. But Judd pulls it off, taking his belt off early on, and manages to get through them while he housemates lounge sympathetically. The good news for Judd is that he appears to be done. Then he shows us his featureless stomach in the DR to demonstrate that it looks the same as before. I'll take his word on that.

Filler montage of McCrae being leashed to GinaMarie, which includes mention of her recent McCrae-adjacent activities like dropping deuces, menstruating and sitting right outside the shower while McCrae cleans himself. Fortunately, we only see the last of those. Then it's time for them to lose the friendship bracelets at last. Spencer gave the gifts that have finally stopped giving.

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