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Look Back In Anger

We spend a great deal of time going over how it came about that Kevin, Jordan, and Natalie are in the final three, and will all stay in the house until Tuesday's live two-hour finale. Which is kind of odd considering none of it has anything to do with what we're going to see tonight. On the bright side, most of what we're about to see is stuff we've already recapped, so at least I don't have to recap it again.

Everyone comes downstairs, still in their clothes from Thursday night's live show, to discover a marvelous feast laid on for them in the dining room, complete with champagne. After a foam toast, they sit down and commence their highly scripted reminiscences. Jordan kicks things off by remembering that there were originally 12 people in the house, until they learned that a 13th would be joining them. That triggers a flashback to Jessie's entrance on Day 1. It's edited down to even more concentrated levels of obnoxiousness, although we do get to re-enjoy Kevin's dismayed reaction. Back at the dinner, Natalie says she liked Jessie, but Kevin and Jordan now feel free to talk about Jessie's narcissism. We get an illustration of that from Day 26, when he got into bed with Natalie and Lydia to boast at length about his awesomeness until they fell asleep. And then he had the nerve to feel sorry for himself about their lack of interest. Jessie did have a big cross to bear, didn't he? And he was happy to tell you about all the muscles he used to carry it.

Then they move on to Casey, and the banana suit he had to wear for his last week in the house. Nothing new there. Kevin then brings up Ronnie, and how he played "hard and fast." Of course, Russell becomes the star of Ronnie's clip package, during which we get to re-watch Russell tormenting Ronnie by following him around and taunting him. Nothing new there, either. Natalie says they're just jealous because Ronnie played them. And now it looks like we are going to get something new: namely a fight between Kevin and Ronnie on Day 30 that we didn't previously see. We flash back to Kevin complaining about Ronnie to Natalie, Chima, Michele and Lydia, with Natalie coming to Ronnie's defense and Ronnie eavesdropping. That is, until he came in and called Kevin out as a liar, at which point Kevin got in his face and screamed at him. Afterward, Ronnie wept pathetically to Chima, saying, "Nothing has hurt my feelings in this game until now." He even claims that Kevin's going to have to apologize for that on finale night. I think this will prove as accurate as Ronnie's other predictions.

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