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The Coach Is Dead, Long Live the Coach

Do we really need previouslies? The whole game restarted on Thursday when the coaches jumped in, meaning we all wasted our July. More than usual, I mean.

We rejoin the de facto first Head of Household competition, with twelve players where once there were eight players and eight coaches. They're all undergoing a long endurance competition, hanging on uncomfortable little platforms on the side of a fake ship, through wind and tilts. As for the coaches getting dropped into the game, that development has thrown the players for a loop -- and Mike as well, as we see them telling us in the Diary Room. But it's saved the network a hundred grand, which is why it was a fait accompli. During the competition, Janelle quietly asks Britney if she pressed the reset button, and Britney lies that she didn't, even though Mike was the only former coach who abstained. Britney DRs that she didn't think she had much of a chance of making it to the end with one player, we see that Dan told the DR he'd leap at a chance to get back in the game, and Janelle says, "Duh, I want to win Big Brother!" But Mike was happy with his chances at winning a hundred thousand, but now he might actually have to try.

We see that on Thursday night, while the players were being rushed to the backyard for the HoH competition, Dan whispered to Mike that the plan was to vote Frank out. Which throws Mike, but Dan tells us that told Mike in order to build trust with him. What could go wrong? Also, Dan claimed to Britney and Janelle that he didn't remember if he pressed the button or not (not that either of them believed him) and Janelle also claimed not to have pressed the button so as to maintain her image as a reluctant player. Which I'm sure will fool everyone.

Twenty-five minutes into the competition, everyone's still in, and Mike wails, "I hate you, Dan!" He's the only one who hasn't denied pressing it, after all. Britney whispers to Mike that the other players are going to come after the coaches and it'll be eight against four. And a moment later, there are fake seagulls flying overhead, spattering them all with fake poop.

Mike, who is already crabby about going from coasting to a hundred grand to hanging on the side of a pirate ship covered with crap, is the first to jump off after an hour and ten minutes, claiming it's to show he's not as much of a threat as they think. It looks like Jenn's going to be going down next, and indeed she ditches at an hour twelve. Joe goes down a minute later.

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