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Pawn Triumphant

Slide guitar into the moments after the Veto Ceremony. So: reactions? Well, Nick thinks he was nominated because he looks like a threat now, as opposed to Kail, who is (according to him) on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Kail is worried that, in not nominating Zach, as he'd said he was going to, Dustin has caused her to question everything else he's told her this week. Dustin DRs that Nick's nomination was a house decision, and that they took advantage of the situation to backdoor him. And Amber...okay, for real, I don't know how anyone can focus on what a "mess" Kail is when THEY LIVE WITH AMBER. BECAUSE JESUS. In the living room, she seriously is carrying on like she's just watched her child being drawn and quartered. It is so very excessive. I get the whole "camp boyfriend" phenomenon, and how in situations like this you get inordinately attached to people in a very short time because you're all isolated together from the outside world, but still. Amber is acting like when people walk out the front door, they go straight to the slaughterhouse or something. A well woman shouldn't behave like this.

In the HoH room, Dustin gives Kail an abridged version of how they got to Nick's nomination: it's a pre-emptive move. Kail can't believe that Amber went along with it, but Dustin says that's just the point -- getting Nick out means they cut off his alliance with Amber, and they give Dick and Daniele one less person to collude with. Kail asks if Dustin has four votes against Nick, and Dustin announces that he has more than four votes. Kail can't believe it. Dustin says that Nick would be a threat to everyone in the house going forward. Um, everyone is a threat to everyone in the house going forward. It's how the stupid game works. Whatever.

Anyway, it's clear that, in these moments, what Nick wants to do most is go punch some holes in some walls. But since he can't, instead he's stalking around the house, very fast, huffing and glaring and looking ridiculous. He finds Daniele sitting on a bed, looking grim, leans in, and asks her, quietly, whether she knew he was going to get nominated. She covers her face with her hands, and Nick, having his answer, gets up and stalks out to find his next victim of awkwardness.

Turns out it's Dick, and Nick chats with him out in the yard. Nick has figured out that there was a shadow plan all along to backdoor him (pretty shrewd, given that HE JUST GOT NOMINATED), ruefully adding, "Expect the unexpected." Dick is silent, so Nick prods him, reminding him that he'd said he'd look out for Dick's daughter. Dick says he knows. Eric flops down, and Nick asks whether he knew about this. Eric starts his answer by guiltily stammering so much that Dick rolls his eyes, and then says that he'd heard all kinds of names bandied about; Dick agrees that it was "back and forth." Nick says that all he'd heard was that Dustin was going to nominate Zach (which: duh, it's not like people tell the nominee), and then Zach himself picks this inopportune time to come outside, and Nick barks at him to leave them alone for a second. Zach is momentarily taken aback, but then turns around, murmuring to Nick, "Thought I was close to you, dude." Nick wraps up with another "expect the unexpected," and then heads inside. In the kitchen, Zach is sitting morosely at the counter, wondering if there's an ice pack in the freezer that he can put on his hurt feelings.

Nick's goodwill tour continues in a bedroom, where Nick sits up on a bed and Amber lies next to him, with her arms wrapped around his thigh. No, literally. And she's sobbing, of course. He tells her not to worry, and as she continues to cry, we flash back to her conversation with Dustin, where she initially noted that they could potentially backdoor Nick after the Veto Competition. Back in the now, Nick quietly asks whether Amber knew he was going to get nominated, and she hedges that Dustin had mentioned Nick but that she didn't think he would actually do it, and that he never confirmed it with her. At least part of that seems like straight lying, but anyway, Nick tells her again that it's okay, and says all he wants is to hang out with her and Daniele. "I love you so much!" sobs ridiculous Amber. Nick, more restrained, says he loves her too.

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