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Veterans Day -- Again

So we all remember how last Thursday, Shelly flipped and sent Jeff from his perch as King Shit of Turd Mountain to raging impotently at Julie in less than an hour, right? And then Porsche seemingly consolidated the newbies' new power by winning HoH, only to open Pandora's Box and allow the producers to hand the game right back to Rachel and Jordan with the restoration of the "duo" twist? Okay, good. And by "good" I just mean, "let's move on."

Now it's Day 56, and Porsche is full of regret for screwing her four-person alliance for a mere five thousand dollars. And she's not the only one unhappy about it, either. "Twists always jack me," Kalia Diary-Rooms. Yes, they do, Kalia. What do you think that means? And Rachel is thrilled to have the chance to save both herself and Jordan by just one of them winning the Veto. For once, Jordan is the whinier of the two of them, wondering what Porsche got in exchange. "Why can't I win HoH and get Pandora's Box?" she complains. Well, Jordan, if you'd won, there wouldn't have been a Pandora's Box, so quit'cher bitchin'. Rachel's keeping positive while Jordan slowly catches up, and even almost smiles when Rachel says if they win the Veto, they can force Shelly and Adam's nomination, and thus get rid of Shelly this very week.

Meanwhile, Kalia is pissed off to hear that Porsche "ruined our game over five thousand dollars." Like she knew that was going to happen. Adam reminds us that now that there are six players, they're all in the Veto competition. The newbie alliance is now coming to the same realization that Rachel did, and Shelly joins Kalia in DRing about Porsche's stupidity. Porsche should probably put down that Pandora's Box envelope, or at least stop holding it up to her face and reminding everyone what she did.

Later, she confesses to Kalia that she shouldn't have taken it, but Kalia's mood is vastly improved when she learns that she gets five grand as well. Funny, that.

Sunday's backtracking pushed this week's nominations all the way to tonight, but even having it this early in the episode doesn't detract from what is already very little suspense. As Jordan explains in the DR, the Veto matters more than the nominations this week anyway. Porsche convenes the nomination meeting. She and her partner for the week, Kalia, are both safe, and the keys Porsche pulls belong to Adam and Shelly, so no surprise that Rachel and Jordan are the nominees -- even if the musical score seems convinced that it's a dramatic moment. Afterwards, Porsche tells us in the DR that Rachel is this week's target. Shelly DRs that she and/or Adam have to win the Veto to save themselves, while Rachel pre-gloats that she and Jordan will win the Veto and Porsche will have to replace them with two of her own allies. And as always, she says it in that way that makes you want to send commandos into the house to make sure that doesn't happen.

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