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A Lying Liar Who Never Lies

Oh, wow, this show. I can't remember a season that has gone from so horribly boring (athlete domination) to so good (the house turning it upside down) to so boring (this is the final four? Really? Will we remember any of these people when it's time to cast the next All Stars? I think not.). Anyway, so, yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with this show, and I'm leaning very much toward hate right now. Maybe something will happen tonight to change my mind.

Previouslies. Goodbye, Jeff. We'll definitely miss (looking at) you. Natalie's HoH, which to her is all vengeance and stuff, but anyone who watches this show knows nothing this week is up to her unless she wins PoV. Veto winner holds the power this week, duh. Maybe Natalie should have watched some Big Brother before deciding to audition. We start out with the blue screen of Kevin's "I'm sorry Jordan... but I'm going to have to vote to evict your friend Jeff." In the diary room, Natalie talks about how happy she is about this, because Jeff evicted Jessie. And this show is obviously all about revenge, always. Not strategy or game play, but forming friendships in one week and then holding grudges for a month. Jordan's teary, and wishes she'd left, because Jeff probably would have won this and she doesn't think she can. She's all alone. Blue screen of Jeff leaving again, then they all watch Jeff's screen turn gray. Kevin says he probably would have kept Jeff if he'd approached him, but he never approached him. Yeah, I don't believe that for a second. Michele says she has the biggest target on her back now, so she has to win HoH.

Blue screen of the HoH competition tiebreaker. Michele was stupid. Jordan was stupider. So Natalie won by being less stupid. Which is not saying she's not stupid. Natalie pretends in the diary room that she's just been pretending she's a weak player. Kevin makes fun of her for her celebrating, since it was basically luck. He's still not buying that she's a strong competitor. Michele DRs that she lost to an 18-year-old, and is pretty sure she'll be the target this week. Jordan's mad, because she wanted to get revenge on Kevin for putting Jeff up. Inside, Natalie -- who's wearing some sort of yellow and green Holly Hobbie shirt -- is telling Kevin how safe he is and how she's with him until the end. Final two, baby! They both want Michele gone now, because they think beating Jordan in the final three would be easy.

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