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Separate Vacations

So Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan, because he's an idiot whose allegedly strategic actions never makes any sense, and Ragan Diary Rooms that he is "devastated" and fears going home "at the hands of somebody who plays as horrendously as Brendon." As if anybody ever goes home for any other reason. Lane also has no idea what Brendon is thinking, but Brendon lets us in on what that is: he nominated Lane as a pawn, but his real target is Ragan for sending Rachel home. Again, I don't know how he and Rachel have been singling out their enemies all this time. They could just use a dartboard. As for Britney and Matt, he says they're also his enemies, but at least they fight to stay. Britney DRs that she still expects to be back-doored and won't feel safe until after PoV.

Ragan lies in the Have-Not dump, tearfully running down his best-case scenario, which is that he wins PoV and one of his best friends goes home. Brendon goes and apologizes to Lane, assuring him that he isn't the target and telling him that if Ragan comes off the block after PoV, he'll have to decide between sending home Matt and Britney, because Lane is totally safe. Why this doesn't immediately make Lane pee his pants in terror is beyond me.

Little time is wasted getting to the PoV player selection. Along with HoH Brendon and nominees Ragan (who sees his $20,000 saboteur fee in jeopardy) and Lane, the other players are Enzo, Kathy, and Lane's "houseguest's choice" of Hayden. Brendon's happy that his two least trusted houseguests, Britney and Matt, are shut out.

What the hell? Early in the morning, a person in a giant robot costume that's marked "Zingbot 3000" stumbles clumsily into the house, starts making fun of the houseguests, and announces that it's here to host the PoV competition. The Zingbot leads the players -- in their own, less metallic, robot-like costumes -- into the backyard. It's a thing where everyone has to race to assemble four jigsaw puzzles that spell out the word VETO. Adding to the challenge is that they have to do it while crossing a balance beam and standing on a rotating circular platform, and if they fall off, they're out. "I'm taking my time on this one," Kathy announces, which lets her in for some mocking from Britney in the DR to such an extent that I think she's gunning for the role of the Zingbot 3001.

The competition begins. Kathy has balance issues, but Lane DRs how it's not that hard. Brendon keeps his eye on (and cheats off of) Ragan, who takes an early lead. Matt bitches about once again having to sit on the sidelines and watch his hopeless alliance-mates brick yet another challenge. In fact, they only person they're beating is Kathy, and they're not even doing that any more when Kathy falls off and out of the game. Try to look surprised. Ultimately, Ragan wins the competition and the PoV. He waves it in the DR and calls it a $20,000 veto, because he's automatically outlasted his saboteur stint.

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