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Rachel's Big Day

Julie's frumpy, sleeveless safari dress is double-take-worthy enough, but is that a cape hanging from the back? The previouslies remind us that events have conspired to put Cassi and Shelly on the block this week, those events being Dominic's victory at the PoV competition, Rachel's irrational hatred of Cassi, and Jordan's general lack of cojones. Julie goes through it all again after the previouslies, and says we'll see whether it's Cassi or Shelly who goes home (as if we don't already know). But first!

Flashback to the Veto meeting, where Jordan (wearing the same black sleeveless romper outfit she wore to the finale two years ago, I think) replacement-nominated Shelly and Cassi, to Rachel's obvious glee. So now it's Day 17. Shelly thinks she's safe, but on the other hand, there's a good chance her best friend in the house will go home this week. Cassi sees it the same way. Dominic's feeling guilty about his role in getting Cassi ousted, while Rachel gloats in the DR, "In the end, I always get my way." No wonder America hates her. Jordan DRs that she didn't want to do it, but this is what her alliance wanted.

Shelly, meanwhile, is racked by guilt over the possibility that her decision to vote with the veterans to oust Keith last week may have led, however indirectly, to Cassi's eviction. In the Have-Not room, Shelly tells Cassi to campaign, but Cassi seems to have already admitted defeat. They call each other Thelma and Louise, even though only one of them is going off the cliff.

Up in the HoH room, Jeff doesn't get why Jordan's upset, and keeps assuring her that she's a good person. They just hope that Rachel doesn't flip on them soon. Emphasis on soon, because it's going to happen some time or another and they both know it.

Later, Shelly is crying to Kalia and Daniele about how bad she feels, particularly having lied on TV while her kid is watching. She's also struggling with whether she should confess to Cassi.

Cassi asks for a one-on- one with Rachel, basically to just ask her what the fuck is up. Rachel says she was offended by Cassi's remark about Porsche, but she doesn't have anything valid beyond that, although she claims that she's heard stories about Cassi being after the veterans. Cassi doesn't think that should set her apart, and accuses Rachel of wanting her out just for being female. Rachel blows her off, insulting her gameplay -- again, without any examples. Cassi realizes this is a losing battle, getting up and saying, "You're catty. You really are." She says she was a fan of Rachel last year, but now she gets why everyone (read: Ragan) treated her that way. "You're a catty, catty girl. Ugly person inside." Rachel is left sitting there with her mouth hanging open, then storms off through the house. Then she goes and cries to Jordan about how mean Cassi is. Rachel's a classic bully, happy to put other people down but crumpling the minute anyone takes a poke at her. Jordan, God bless her, shuts Rachel down and tells her she "comes across" as bitchy, because Jordan is too nice (or too self-preserving) to call Rachel a bitch to her face. Rachel keeps crying and whining, and as Daniele joins the conversation and Brendon comes through to use the shower, Daniele advises Rachel to let Cassi keep going, and make herself look bad. Brendon tells Rachel not to worry about it, since Cassi is going home anyway.

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