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Operation Condor

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Operation Condor

In the aftermath of Jen and Parker's ouster, we learn how it's affecting people. Amanda's bummed, because she's stuck in a house with people who hate her (so I think we know which couple voted for Ryan and Allison). Ryan has new resolve to win this for both himself and the evicted girlfriend who called him a racist on national television. And Allison is looking forward to having Ryan to herself, so that they can grow their "relationship." Because Ryan deserves better. Why can I not figure out how to address that statement? It's true, and yet it's not, on any number of levels. Of course, nobody is more pleased than Sheila that her best friend and fake lesbian partner is staying. As Jen and Parker's pictures go gray on the Memory Mall, Matt DRs that he'll miss them, but that he's going to concentrate on the game. Oh, I agree. Wait, miss who now?

We also have to see how everyone's reacting to James and Chelsia being the new HoH couple. They are thrilled, of course. Alex is worried, because they hate his partner, Amanda. And Amanda herself "threw up in [her] mouth," knowing she's going up. Natalie feels safe, and Allison does too, since she knows Chelsia appreciates the trust Allison has placed in her by lying to her about her fake lesbian relationship with Sheila.

When the contestants comes in from the HoH competition, they notice that all the cups and glasses have been taken, as was chosen during the competition. So they'll be drinking from bowls. The producer who was hoping to show houseguests staying hydrated by sticking their heads under the tap and bringing straws out to the hot tub is bitterly disappointed.

James and Chelsia assure Matt that they're not going to be nominating him this week. "You got that? Camera? America?" Matt asks. James and Chelsia aren't amused, because when an HoH couple promises not to nominate you, etiquette calls for you to kiss their asses instead of being a wiseacre.

Later, Joshuah decides to let his partner, Sharon, in on a secret he knows: that Sheila and Allison are lesbians. They plot to hold it over their heads. That should go well.

Shall we check out the James/Chelsia HoH room? They're excited to see the pictures from their families. Which, in James's case, is the first time he's seen his family in nine months, because he's been cycling around the world. Whatever, I bet he just got lost on the way to the convenience store. After they settle in, James and Chelsia give Natalie assurances that they won't nominate her, just as they did with her partner, Matt. I am now certain that Natalie and Matt will be nominated.

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