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One Less Bible Buddy

Okay, you guys need to know that I had my eyes checked today, and my pupils are still dilated. Everything is all distorted and out of focus for me. Yes, it makes it harder to type, but I'm hoping that seeing the world the way a Big Brother contestant sees it will actually be an advantage for this weecap.

So it's been a full two weeks since the last actual eviction, which means we've been watching the same nine idiots this whole time. I'm looking forward to having one less to deal with after tonight. You hear me, Julie? Don't go pulling any fast ones.

Wow, my eyes are still more screwed up than I thought -- no, wait, that's really Julie's outfit. She welcomes us to Day 42, and brings us up to speed on the basics of the current situation: basically, everyone is equally full of shit.

Natalie DRs angrily about what a hypocrite James is, and it's hard to disagree with her. After the Veto ceremony, Natalie slides over to comfort Matt, but he wants to be alone to sulk. Natalie's crying too, after hanging on the disco ball for five hours for nothing. Ah, who among us hasn't been there?

Matt goes out to the yard to confront James one-on-one, and James sticks to his story that his motivation was that Matt and Natalie are playing as an alliance, even though Matt insists that the alliance is one-way. Matt even turns on the waterworks, claiming to hate himself for letting his mom down. At the time, James seems sympathetic, but he's pretty bitchy about Matt's pathetic-ness in the privacy of the DR.

Matt goes back inside, and Natalie tries to latch onto him again, and he pushes her away again. So he can cry some more.

Ryan gets assurances from Joshuah and Sheila that they'll vote to keep him. "When I make a decision, it's a decision," Sheila boasts to Ryan. It's looking like a 5-1- vote to ditch Matt, with Natalie the one, obviously.

Out by the pool table, Matt talks to Adam, who not only promises to vote to keep Matt, but also encourages him to campaign for himself. So Matt gets the genius idea of going after pity votes from the women in the house. Because Matt knows women, and knows that playing on their sympathies is how you get them to do what you want.

Surprisingly, his first target is Chelsia, to whom he whines that he's going to have spend his birthday in sequester. Chelsia DRs that Matt's pathetic, and it was all she could do to not laugh in his face. It's a similar situation with Sharon, and with Sheila. Matt starts getting frustrated at not getting anywhere.

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