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As you recall, Jeff used the secret Coup d'Etat power to save Lydia and Russell and replace them with Natalie and Jessie, respectively, resulting in Jessie's ouster in a 3-2 vote. And if you don't recall, we get several minutes of previouslies rehashing the whole scenario, but this time with Diary Room reactions from people. Which are pretty much what you'd expect. Jordan was stunned, Russell thrilled, and Chima, as much as she thought she hid it at the time, was totally enraged. We also get to hear some of the discussion in the living room, after Jeff's move but before Jessie's exit, as Chima and Natalie both accuse him of being "disloyal." They are of course using the word "disloyal" as it is always used in this house, which is to say, "disloyal to me."

After Jessie's exit, Natalie weeps in the DR about losing Jessie and the injustice of it all. Chima, equally tearful, literally compares Jessie's unexpected exit to the death of a family member. Way to keep it in perspective, crazy lady. Kevin reminds us that Jessie pushed him away, and is what America thinks he is, and that he, Kevin, was glad to see the end of him. Lydia's also crushed, saying Jessie got in her heart. She should get that checked. That's a dangerously large obstruction.

After Jessie left, Jeff asked why everyone was so angry, and they blamed him for not doing what he said he was going to do, or what they thought he said he was going to do. Then Michele won HoH to the surprise of everyone, including herself. Chima still holds out hope for getting rid of Russell. Russell knows he's got some more fence-mending to do (because the last round of them went so well), and Kevin DRs that he doesn't know what Michele will do. A lot of that going around, actually.

After the HoH competition, Jeff hangs in the kitchen with Michele, Jordan, and Russell, all of whom appreciate Jeff's move. Jeff says he just leveled the playing field is all, and he's fine with the rest of them having a "pity party."

In fact, Chima, Natalie, Kevin, and Lydia sit around, sharing their disbelief that Russell is actually trying to make things up with Michele after what went on between them last week. Chima's still determined to get Russell out of the house, and plans to talk to Michele about it. Kevin, knowing Chima, warns her not to get too bossy.

Michele gives a tour of her HoH room. As usual, we learn nothing interesting other than that Michele used to be blonde.

Jeff and Russell hang out in the backyard, agreeing that Chima's probably going to nominate the two of them. Russell offers to give Jeff the PoV if he wins it, even if they're both nominated. He's either just that grateful that Jeff kept his word to him, or is trying to put Jeff in his debt by claiming he'd do something he'll never have to actually do.

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