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In the black-and-white recap of Wednesday's eviction ceremony, at least a couple of people weren't amused by Steven's "Suck it, bitches" closing line. Well, I was, but then I wasn't voting. Keesha and Libra DR that they went along with the alliance of eight for now to play it safe, the former to avoid being a target herself. Keesha is pretty emotional, and Angie says that at least now with Steven gone, she can concentrate more on her strategy. And Keesha is blaming Angie for letting her take the fall. After winning the HoH competition, Keesha promises to "turn this house upside down." She just doesn't know exactly how yet.

Renny and Libra are also both happy with Keesha's victory, considering themselves close allies of her. Dan insists in the DR that he's still only pretending to suck, which is why he threw the HoH competition after "showing a little life." By that he means getting the first question right, which I maintain that he only did because he forget he was supposed to be blowing it. He even sucks at sucking. And Keesha promises to remember who was there for her before she had the HoH key. Afterwards, she's sitting in the women's bedroom with Libra and Michelle and Renny and she says that while it's fun to be HoH, she has no idea who she's going to nominate. Libra's like, "Say what?" Jessie and Memphis, meanwhile, are confident that they're they only ones who have Keesha's trust. Keesha does a little DR in which she talks about how people in the house know who they want nominated, but Keesha, being Keesha, assures us that it's not up to them. Yes, Keesha, I've noticed that about you.

It's time to see Keesha's new HoH room, and she's more excited about the pictures of her dog than of her family. When Keesha opens her letter from home, Renny's the only one allowed to stay and listen to her read it aloud. Once the tender moment passes, Keesha and Renny start talking shit about Libra. April comes and joins the conversation, and somehow the two of them are the best of friends again, now that Keesha's the HoH and April's primary strategy is sucking up to HoHs. Renny leaves, and the two blondes start talking strategy. But they don't get far before Libra and Ollie also arrive so the group of four can discuss nominating Angie and someone else. But as Keesha says in the DR, one other possible nominee is Libra herself, who doesn't even know it. Don't worry, Keesha will fix that later.

After the ads, Memphis has joined the group, and Keesha breaks the news to him that she's considering nominating him and Angie. Memphis starts by defending Angie. The door buzzer rings yet again, and this time it's Renny and... Angie. Keesha asks them for a few minutes, so Angie, reading the signs, goes back to report to Jessie and Michelle, except she thinks that it's the others running Keesha instead of Keesha being after Angie all on her own. It doesn't bode well for a potential nominee when she doesn't understand why she's about to go on the block, does it?

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