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The Nicest Jerk Ever

Dressed as a hospital bed, Julie tells us it's Day 41, and déjà vu all over again, with a showmance on the railroad tracks for the second week in a row. Either Brendon or Rachel is being evicted tonight, and will become the first juror. Good job waiting so long to get rid of them, Matt.

We flash back to Britney's Veto meeting that marked the beginning of Brendon's reign of (intentional) dickitude. Or, in other words, his campaign to purposely act like as much of an ass as Rachel can't stop herself from being. Ragan calls Brendon a Neanderthal, and Brendon Diary Rooms that he wanted Rachel to stay in the game. "This girl could be my wife, could be the mother of my children." The rest of us should be so lucky. Rachel pulls him into the storage room to say she doesn't know whether to be angry or happy. And back in the DR, Brendon cops to being an idiot for giving up half a million dollars for someone he loves. Yeah, Brendon, that's not the part that makes you an idiot.

Rachel goes to Britney, who tells her she made a terrible mistake associating with Brendon. She calls Brendon someone who "hates women," which I guess makes something else that Brendon and Rachel have in common. Rachel plays right along.

Britney goes out to the pool to shit-talk Brendon to Hayden, Enzo and Lane. After she leaves, they congratulate themselves on being the dominant yet secret alliance. Yes, it's easy to do well in the game when there are other people that everyone hates more. The hell of it is, Brendon's plan seems to be working, and Ragan is telling Matt up in the HoH room that Brendon needs to go. Matt seems to agree.

That night, Rachel's hovering next to Ragan and Britney while they loll in the hammock, because she's hoping to make friends with people if she's going to stay. Ragan calmly and quietly points out that Rachel has been the center of all the drama in the game, and even calls her -- gasp -- "not a good sport." Stung, Rachel gets up and walks inside. So Brendon, who witnessed the whole thing from across the yard, comes over to yell at Ragan, who refuses to rise to the bait except to call him a Neanderthal. Brendon corrects his pronunciation, and Britney gets up laughing, while Brendon starts yelling indiscriminately at everyone, storming inside while exchanging taunts with Britney, like those two are going to start throwing punches at each other.

Enzo and Hayden are discussing Brendon's behavior, and Hayden floats the idea of keeping him around because everyone will be after him for a whole other week. But as Enzo points out, it's also dangerous to keep a competitor like Rachel around. Well, whatever they decide, I'm sure the opposite will happen and then they'll take credit for orchestrating it.

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