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America's Vote. Does anyone care what food America thinks the Have-Nots should eat next week? All I know is I don't.

Post-Veto competition, Brendon and Rachel decide to have a strategy meeting with Jeff. Brendon says this is an opportunity, and Rachel thinks this is an opportunity to make a new alliance. Don't overthink this, Brainiacs.

Dominic and Adam are the first to be felt out, as Brendon says that if they get left off the block, then he and Rachel expect to be safe next week too, pretty much no matter what. Like it's a huge favor for them to not just nominate everyone. Dominic, not intimidated, asks Brendon what he's thinking, but Brendon gives nothing away, other than that he expects them to vote how he and Rachel tell them to. Dominic pretends to play along. Lawon and Kalia get the same treatment, and Kalia had to keep her hands over their mouth to keep from cracking up, but they both pretend to agree with everything Brendon says. Cassi and Shelly's turn, and Brendon gives his big speech about what a favor they're be doing them by not replacement-nominating them. Cassi voices her fears of the veteran alliance, which Brendon says he gets. But Rachel's considering nominating them anyway, jus to "shock the entire house," but mainly to punish Cassi for not sucking up enough.

Rachel then talks to Keith solo, asking what he'll do if she saves him and Porsche. Keith basically gives away the store, agreeing to never put up either of the remaining veterans couple for the next few weeks, even though he still thinks he doesn't need to be saved. "Joke's on you," Keith DRs. Rachel adds a threat, saying they'll kick his ass if he goes back on it. She and Brendon are awfully good at overplaying their hands, aren't they? Even so, Keith pretends to be frightened by her. Which may not be as hard as it sounds, but for different reasons.

Brendon and Rachel don the PoV medals in front of the memory wall, VO boasting some more about all the control they have and misusing the word "floater" yet again. Cassi says Brendon and Rachel would be terrible players if they put up her and Shelly. Keith says he has to make the HoH couple believe he wants to be saved when "I have the numbers and I'm not worried at all." Dominic says he's still not nervous about being nominated.

Finally, Rachel calls the Veto meeting. She reminds everyone that Keith and Porsche are nominated, but she and Brendon have the Power of Veto to take them off the block and nominate a different duo. She invites them to convince her to use it. Porsche goes first, claiming that she and Keith want to compete and stay in the house a little longer. Keith doesn't even bother making a case. And Rachel announces that they aren't using the Veto, so the last fifteen minutes were a complete waste of airtime. End of Veto meeting.

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