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Up in the HoH room, most of the remaining veterans (save Jordan) decide they should probably make sure Porsche knows what she's supposed to do. That is a very wise decision. Porsche joins them and says she's now all over getting rid of Keith, and is prepared to throw the PoV competition to do it. "It's not rocket science," Brendon says out of nowhere. "But if it was, I'd be good at that, too." Actually, Brendon, it's "if it were," you neanderthal.

Dressed in a Keystone Kops outfit, Adam metal-roars that it's time for the Veto competition. The backyard is decorated like a cityscape, with three cardboard skyscrapers with busted-out sections. This allows Jeff (in yellow-and-green superhero tights) to get in a little pro-Chicago/anti-New York dig in the DR. He and the rest of the players (with Keith/Porsche in blue-and-red and Rachel and Brendon in red-and-purple) mount podiums at the end of the three lanes. Jordan makes a comment about the "focal point" on the guys' costumes, and Keith boldly proclaims in the DR, "I am Captain Veto-Thrower!" Quite a superpower there, Chief. As Adam explains, it's basically a puzzle race. Each team will race to solve their jigsaw puzzle, and one player will run to the end of the lane to collect the pieces (which will also pulley the player at the other end of the cable up into position). Stupid Jordan thinks she can lift Jeff, but he nixes that. Both veteran teams want to win, while Keith is "strategizing" with Porsche. Of course, they each think the other has no idea they're throwing the competition.

The competition starts. Jordan is glad to see Jeff can lift her, since she was worried she might be "too much jelly." Keith and Porsche are both trying to go as slowly as they can without tipping each other off. But they're still even with Jeff and Jordan. "That's why I didn't' want to do the puzzle," Jordan DRs, "'cause the person who's throwing the competition is doing better than me." Jeff is starting to get impatient with her, as he does, while Brendon and Rachel and win it easily. Adam loudly presents them with two matching PoV medals, which they gloat about in the DR. "How do you think we could have done better?" Jeff asks Jordan leadingly in the DR. "I don't even know," she says, and they kiss and make up. Also together in the DR, Porsche and Keith put on a big show for each other about how hard it was when we both know they sucked wind totally on purpose. Which, okay, is funny. In the DR, Rachel hints that she might change her nomination. As if.

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