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Downstairs, Keith quietly celebrates that with Dick gone, "Now I can make my move on Dani." Oh, grody. Dude has a one-track mind, and that track is sticky. Some of the other newbies, like Cassi and Shelly and Dominic, aren't too pleased with Keith's poor timing and diplomacy skills.

Meanwhile, Keith declares in the DR that he's going to be the "hero" and "save the day" be "exposing" Porsche and Kalia as the two people he doesn't trust. So he calls a bunch of the newbies into the Have-Not room and accuses Porsche and Kalia of being in bed with the veterans. Which Porsche is, but as Kalia says in the DR, "I literally am looking at him like he has three heads because I'm hoping that maybe he'll grow two more and the two others will make more sense than he does." Keith goes on, and even his fellow Regulator Lawon DRs that Keith's a "time bomb." Dominic reasonably asks Keith why Kalia and Porsche would flip. "'Cause they got 'em fooled," Keith grins idiotically, thinking it's possible for two people in this house to be stupider than he is. One, I'll give him, but Kalia isn't it. Dominic is also worried about Keith, but he explains the scenario to him: with one veteran gone and a second one out of competitions, it's eight against four. Adam agrees in the DR that Keith is "losing his mind," and Porsche is only too happy to let Keith run his mouth. "I got your back, a hundred percent," Dominic tells Keith, and then exchanges nervous glances with the rest of the newbies, like "We have to ditch this guy fast." Hee.

Rachel, wearing an "I [heart] My Hubby" tank top, announces that it's time to select the PoV players. She gives Daniele the Golden Key. "If you guys need me, I'll see you on Thursdays," Daniele says gracelessly as she loops it over her neck. She's finally figured out that she can use this to her advantage by building relationships with all the other houseguests. That should work well, considering how likable and warm she is. Brendon and Rachel are playing automatically, since she's HoH, and nominees Keith and Porsche are automatically in as well. Keith still thinks he's perfectly safe to throw the PoV competition, even though now the entire newbie caucus is worried about him. Rachel draws the third couple at random, and it's Jeff and Jordan, so that's a full house for the veterans in this competition. Rachel names Adam as the PoV competition host. Porsche DRs that she plans to send Keith packing and get the Golden Key. But doesn't Daniele already have it for this week? I don't know.

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