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So there's the six veterans in an alliance versus the eight newbies, at least in theory, but vet Evel Dick already flipped newbie Porsche over to his side. So Head of Household Rachel nominated the duo of Keith and Porsche with the goal of evicting Keith and awarding Porsche the Golden Key, which is a free pass to the Top Ten. Not that Porsche seems to get this; she seems to think that her nomination is a ding against her. Whereas Keith is confident, figuring he's got the Regulators (the alliance consisting of himself and fellow newbies Dominic, Cassi, and Lawon) and the rest of the newbies on his side. Rachel clarifies to us in the Diary Room that Keith's the target and Porsche's the pawn. Jeff tells us it was Dick's idea, "so as long as I don't have any blood on my hands at this point, Dick, do your thing." Dick's in favor of the nominations, since they were his idea in the first place.

Keith spots Porsche "sneaking" upstairs to talk to some of the veterans (Rachel, Brendon, and Daniele) in the HoH room. Brendon tells Porsche they aren't trying to backdoor her, but she's all hurt about being on the block at all, like this is one of the previous twelve seasons. Brendon assures her that they picked her because she's the only new person they can trust. Wiping her eyes, stupid Porsche asks if he means that they'll let her and Keith win the Power of Veto and save themselves. As if they're talking to an idiot child, which they obviously are, Rachel and Brendon explain that she's getting the Golden Key. Also, that she'll need to throw the upcoming PoV competition, which she also doesn't get. Finally they hug her and send her on her idiot way. "What just happened right now?" Daniele asks once she's gone. They unhappily realize that Dick has brought a moron into their fold. A bigger moron than they are, I mean.

Dominic and Keith do a little celebration in the Have-Not room, and Keith says he plans to throw the Veto competition to get rid of Porsche and get the Golden Key. Dominic thinks that's a great plan. So the target's happy, and the anointed one is having a meltdown. It's opposite house.

Later, Keith is talking to fellow Have-Nots Cassi and Kalia about Porsche's flip to the other side. Kalia, who isn't in on the Regulators alliance, advises Keith to talk to the veterans about it, but Keith doesn't think so, since he's got the numbers without them. As Lawon enters, Keith further explains that if he and Porsche Veto themselves, Lawon and Kalia are likely to get backdoored instead, and with Porsche able to vote with the vets, the newbies won't be able to stop the veterans from getting their way. After Kalia leaves, Keith stresses to Lawon that he needs to bring Kalia on board. Lawon gets it.

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