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Needy Natalie

So now that Ryan/Allison and Matt/Natalie have been nominated, Joshuah DRs that Allison has to go "in order for the house to have any type of sanity." Because of course Joshuah won't go off unprovoked on anyone else after she's gone, right? If he and Sharon do somehow win it all, I fully expect him to rip her a new asshole while Julie's handing them their checks. The nominees are varying degrees of nervous, and Chelsia DRs that she really wants Matt and Natalie gone this week.

After the nominations, Joshuah and Sharon head up to the HoH room so he can congratulate himself on not attacking Allison during the meeting. "It was very un-Josh-like," he boasts. Wow, if that's the nicest thing you can say about yourself, it may be time to reassess your strategy.

Matt assures Natalie that they're safe, since Allison is the one everyone's after. He DRs that he hasn't had a good night's sleep in about eight days. He's referring to the stress of being on the block, but at first I thought he was talking about the fact that Natalie always seems to be climbing all over him when they're in bed. So they rejoin a group that includes James and Chelsia and Adam, the latter of whom is amazed that he and Sheila still have never been nominated. "It's all about timing," Adam bug-eyes to the DR camera. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Allison and Natalie are talking to Sheila, who DRs that Allison has actually helped Sheila out her out by screwing up all the time.

Time for a "Needy Needy Natalie" montage, always chasing after Matt for cuddling and/or massages, heedless of the fact that Matt is, as much as I hate to use this expression, Just Not That Into Her. I can't help feeling a little bad for Natalie. Not so much for her romantic desperation, but the fact that she has the face of a comedienne and yet isn't remotely funny.

Allison decides to form a secret alliance with her fellow nominee, Natalie, wherein they'll be the best of friends until eviction, just to make Josh crazy. And then if one of them wins PoV and takes themselves off, Josh will nominate Adam and Sheila to take their place, and then whichever couple gets saved will vote to keep each other. Natalie agrees to the plan, out of gratitude to Allison for "saving" her and Matt last week. Does Natalie realize that "save" does not mean "decide that Matt and Natalie should go, and convince everyone to go along, and then make everyone change their vote at the last minute"? Clearly not. The list of things Natalie is capable of realizing seems rather short. Speaking of which, I would advise Natalie to always do the opposite of whatever Allison suggests, but it's not like Sheila got burned by the stupid "we're lesbians" tactic.

For the PoV competition, the players will be Josh and Sharon as the HoH couple, Matt/Natalie and Ryan/Allison as the nominated couples, and Adam/Sheila as the randomly selected couple. James will host. That leaves only Chelsia with nothing to do except hope that Matt and Natalie don't win it.

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