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Listen, I don't follow the live feeds, and I don't follow anyone who does, because let's face it, I spend enough time on these idiots as it is. Three hours of nothing happening every week is more than enough for me. I cover the broadcast and that's it. But since it's not likely to air -- unless it results in a fight -- I just felt obligated to mention that it's become apparent to feed-watchers that many of the houseguests are, in addition to narcissistic sociopaths, also shocking bigots. So enjoy the show.

We're given a flashback of Sunday's nomination ceremony, in which HoH McCrae put up Jessie and Candice for not being all that popular and because it was the safe choice. Candice tells her housemates that she's not going to go into the corner and cry about it. Because, as it turns out, that's what the Diary Room is for, so she cries there instead. McCrae invites a very surprised Jessie for a talk, while Elissa says that she's relieved not to be nominated for being Rachel's sister. In fact, she DRs that she's going to win this season. Uh, a bit early for that kind of prediction, I think. Meanwhile, Nick and Jeremy are thrilled that McCrae held up his end of the Moving Company alliance and didn't put up any of its members (which also include Spencer and Howard). Really, that's all Nick cares about, which at this early stage is actually kind of a healthy attitude.

When Jessie visits McCrae in the HoH room, he gives her assurances that she's merely the pawn, and she goes out of her way to be cool about it, even though McCrae admits to us that he's only telling her that to avoid pissing her off. It's a little late for that with Candice, who comes in uninvited (as Jessie clears out). McCrae tries to downplay it and end the conversation as quickly as possible, especially when Candice speculates to him that he's in a secret alliance with four of the other guys. He lies, badly, that he isn't, and she's not only unconvinced but determined to win the Veto. On her way out she tells him not to apologize for his game, "because when I'm up here, I'm not apologizing, period." Assuming that ever happens.

Jeremy and Jessie lounge in the hammock outside, and Jessie speculates that Elissa has a good shot at it just for being Rachel's sister. She's probably right, too. "I don't know what that bitch is thinking," Jeremy smirks. Really, though, Jeremy, does any of us know what any bitch is thinking? Certainly none of us who use the word "bitch" so casually. The theory spreads through the house, and gives everyone more motivation to get her out of the house. Later, in the HoH room, Amanda and Elissa and Jeremy and Judd are hanging out when Jeremy just puts it out there that if he were MVP, he'd tell everyone. The pressure is clearly getting to Elissa, because she reveals some of the truth: "I think my sister's fans are gonna vote for me. 'Cause she has awesome fans." Really? Tell us more. "My sister's a supermodel," she adds. Okay, that's a lie. And then she claims to be related to Gisele Bundchen. Well, now everyone knows she's lying.

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