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They Eat Their Own

HoH Britney made herself a couple of enemies by nominating Brendon and Enzo. Matt again uses the word "orchestrated" in the DR (drink!), and Britney says that Brendon's her target, while Brendon vows in the DR that Britney will regret stabbing him in the back. And Brendon puts his plan in action by going into the Have-Not Dump, putting on his sleep mask, and communing with the spirit of Rachel as though she's dead everywhere and not just in her soul. Enzo comes in to commiserate, and Brendon is only too happy to complain about the "lying whore" and how she went back in the deal she made with him. Did anybody else know about that deal before? Well, they will now.

Enzo visits Britney in the HoH room to get assurances that he's not going home. Enzo's not impressed, because he knows Britney already lied to Brendon. And if you can't trust Britney's promises to Brendon, what can you trust?

Lane and Hayden conspire to backdoor Matt, figuring that he's in danger of winning it all. They keep referring to it as a "power move," I guess because that's a snappier expression than "scared sneaky fickle hypocrites move."

Lane is the one who brings Britney the idea of ditching Matt, although he prefaces it with such a long, warning, condescending speech that she's already annoyed before he even gets to his point. And she's not impressed with the idea of getting rid of Matt, which Lane tries to sell on the argument that Brendon can get booted at any time. Britney points out that she feels safer with Matt than with Brendon, so that's not going to fly. In fact, she expresses annoyance in the DR about how people are already talking about backdooring people even before the Veto competition, instead of being behind her in her determination to get rid of Brendon like they're supposed to be. I think the Brigade has underestimated how invested Britney is in getting Brendon out of here. It's not like she can keep letting him walk around the house indefinitely with her dick broken off in his ass. Wow, that was crude, even for me.

The PoV selection starts off with drama, with Britney drawing houseguests' choice and choosing Matt over Lane. Brendon draws Lane's name, and Enzo picks Hayden, so the whole Brigade is in there, with only Ragan sitting it out. Presumably he gets to host by default.

The backyard has a zoo vibe, and each of the players has to step into an individual cage (with not enough bars to actually hold them, alas). As Ragan explains, they all start out with 50 points. Ragan's job is to make them offers, and the first one to buzz in gets each one. And these offers are either punishments that raise their point totals, or rewards that reduce it. Nobody will know who took which prizes (with Ragan hosting from inside so even he doesn't know). In the DR, Brendon's strategy is to take as much punishment as he can, while Hayden sneakily plans to score some prizes without anybody knowing. Always the team player, that guy.

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