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Mind Your Own Multiple Businesses

Previously, Nick went home, Daniele lost her shit worse than Amber ever has, and then convinced herself Eric was to blame for it all by jumping to a wild and moronic set of conclusions. Of course, she was totally right, but only because an airplane told her so. It's always interesting to note the ways that Voice-Over Guy characterizes the action in the house, like how he paints Jessica telling Eric he's in danger as a "betrayal" of Dick and Daniele. Because apparently that storied Dick, Daniele, and Jessica alliance that was formed all of ten minutes prior had been torn asunder! Also, Dustin, Jameka, and Amber "turned on" D&D when they sided with Eric. Turned on 'em! Man, I wish everyone would stop being such jerks and do what Dick and Daniele tell them to.

A sleek-looking Julie Chen greets us and sits down next to the TV monitor which has live images of Kail and Jen, both in their bunny suits. Dumbest Furry convention ever. Julie gives us the strategery update (Daniele's plan is to backdoor Eric -- will it succeed?) and tells us that America's Player is in jeopardy. To be honest, Eric doesn't look all that concerned.

"But first," Julie promises us that we're about to see the biggest outburst thus far this season. Oh good. We see the veto ceremony again, and Eric reminds us that all he needs to stay are the votes of his current alliance-mates, Dustin, Amber, Jameka, and Jessica. Kail freak-terviews that she felt better about being up against Jen, because nobody likes Jen. Daniele and Dick both say Eric has to go. So Eric heads to the yard to talk to Amber, and she promises him on her little girl's life that he has her vote. We get blue-tinted slo-mo footage of Amber and her daughter, which means that promise is going to be for shit soon enough. Eric, beware! The blue-tinted slo-mo footage!

Dick finds Jen and Kail in the hammock and does his best at alliance building. Which, for Dick, means telling them he doesn't trust either of them and making them admit that if he can "pull this off" and evict Eric, they'll owe him. Jen, of course, is like, "whatever," but Kail's all Stockholm Syndrome now, so she's totally onboard.

So then Dick finds Amber in the exercise room and starts to work her. He bitches, once again, about Eric "standing on the sidelines" and "pulling the strings," which is more of the same "stab me in the front" bullshit that Dick yells about which holds no water in the context of this game whatsoever. Next, however, he tells Amber that Eric told him that Eric's holding a "horrible" secret about her in his back pocket, waiting to use it whenever to crush her. And indeed, we see flashback footage of Eric telling Dick that Amber told him a story regarding her boyfriend that is, like, the worst thing he's every heard someone do, and if Amber ever turns against him, he'll use the story to discredit her and "ruin" her within their alliance. On the one hand, he's relating to Dick on Dick's level, and you could spin it as strategy if you were so inclined. On the other hand, it's gross. Yes, if you tell someone a "secret" on national television, it's no longer much of a secret. But the glee Eric takes at the possibility of using a personal secret against Amber to "ruin" her makes me think he's a dick. So to speak. Anyway, we get further flashback footage of Amber admitting to Eric that she lied to her boyfriend about being pregnant, twice. I don't watch the feeds, but I think there was more to it than that (I've heard the word "abortion" bandied about, but Lord knows if that's true). But as far as what we're seeing here: gross.

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