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Mike Thinks Mike Is Great

Where were we? Oh, right -- Jen vetoed her own nomination and Dick put Mike up in her place. In the DR, we get the same clip from Tuesday, with Kail saying how bad it is for Mike to be nominated, except with the addition that she's "definitely" packing her bags. For his part, Mike DRs that he's not going to campaign against Kail, though he doesn't think she's "emotionally strong enough" to stay in the game to the end. Well, that's what we thought about that crazy bitch in Season 2 with the tattooed-on eyebrows, and she got all the way to runner-up. Anyway, in the post-Veto Ceremony hubbub, Dick catches up with Mike to pull snaps and say it was only about the game. "No worries," says Mike, and Dick insincerely adds, "I sure feel bad, though." Then we get DR of Zach, saying that there's no reason for Mike to be concerned about his nomination, and that he intends to vote Kail out "150%." Which I guess means voting her out, calling her back, and then kicking her when she has one leg and one arm over the threshold.

Up in the HoH room, Dick is all ajitter in the afterglow of nominating Mike. Dick and Nick have a very brief conversation in which they agree that Kail is such a mess as a player that she isn't a threat, and that now that they have a chance to get Mike out, they should.

Dick takes this new knowledge straight to Dustin and Jameka, who seem to agree. Once Dick's gone, Jameka comments to Dustin that she can see the benefits to voting out either of the nominees, but adds that although neither Mike nor Kail probably has any cause to target Dustin, Jameka feels she does have cause to be wary of Mike. In the DR, she says she thinks Mike might come after her because they "don't really connect." Back in the bedroom, Jameka says she'll be voting Mike out, and Dustin agrees, "Mike's gotta go." Well, this turned in a fast hurry.

Out on the hammock, Kail whinily asks Jen, "Am I going home?" A somewhat rough-looking Jen (she seems to have just come out of the hot tub, and chlorine is no friend to that hair) says she doesn't know, since no one's talking about it. She does say, though, that Kail and Mike shouldn't campaign against each other, because then whoever doesn't get booted will just end up looking "horrible." "I need five votes," says Kail matter-of-factly. She thinks her only hope is that people will think it's a good time for a strong player to go home, and that Mike is strong. Jen disagrees, saying that Mike doesn't talk to anyone, and doesn't have any "strong connections" with any of the houseguests except Kail. At this, Kail squints. Thinking hurts.

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