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Mike Sucks For The Last Time

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Mike Sucks For The Last Time

FYI: Turns out the show is moving to 9 PM next week, due to the "adult content." Whee! Adult content! Anyway. Saturday. Doesn't it feel like Saturday was a really, really long time ago? I know. Anyway, just to remind y'all, Shannon's gotten the boot, the glorious, glorious boot. And Will's sort of broken up about the end of his Great, True Love, but it's not like he's on his knees, wailing, and beating his breast, or anything. He tells us very calmly that he's "longing" for Shannon and that he came very close to walking out of the house along with her. But, he says, then he thought about all the money on the line, and how cute Krista is, and, also, all the screen time he's getting, and he got over the Pain and the Agony right quick.

Hardy's not dealing very well with things either; he's all weepy in the Diary Room, sniffling something about not wanting to break up a happy couple, and how this is -- say it with me -- just a game. What happened to the whole "I want those motherfuckers out of my fucking house" thing? Buck up, Hardy. Jeepers.

Outside, Will's still waxing poetic about how brave his sweet, psychotic Shannon is, and that she walked out of the house with her head held high. He then tells Mike that he -- Will, not Mike, though the sentiment still applies -- is a lying cheater, and he's "probably going to walk out of here with [his] head down."

Nicole voice-overs that she has nothing bad to say about Shannon whatsoever. Nicole is really playing the game well; she's not kissing people's asses, but she's got both Chill Town and TOP thinking she's voting with them. I like Nicole. I've even gotten accustomed to her weird eyebrows.

Will mopes around the kitchen. Bunky asks whether there's anything they can do to fill the "Shannon void." Will sighs that, now that he's single, he's going to "try and [sic] hook up with Nicole." Nicole laughs and puts down her paring knife to give Will a hug.

Next, the houseguests discuss last week's Head of Household competition, and Mike's general stupidity in not being able to figure out that a week's worth of groceries would cost more than two hundred bucks. Kent says that he thought Mike would win the competition for sure, since he's "a restaurant owner." Mike claims that he hasn't shopped for groceries in over a year. I'd hate to see the inside of his refrigerator. He must eat all his meals at Belly, or something. Or, you know, that's just an excuse, and the truth is that he's stupid.

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