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It's another Head of Household competition that's just too exciting to fit into a live Thursday show, so once again it's spilled over into Sunday. After Aaryn's eviction, and with Elissa as the outgoing HoH, the other six remaining houseguests are racing to collect a dozen eggs from a chicken coop that they can't even reach into with their whole hand. Instead, they have to stick their fingers through holes in chicken wire to manipulate the eggs to where they can get them. In the Diary Room, Spencer expresses his hope that one of his fellow members of the new alliance known as the Exterminators can win it. That would be Spencer himself, Judd, GinaMarie, and Andy. Because why not have a four-person alliance when there are seven people in the house? I suppose that's what it takes to take out two other people.

Elissa is worried about Amanda or McCrae winning and making her a target, because like her sister, she plays every week as though it's its own complete, self-contained game that has no effect on the other weeks. At the same time, Amanda DRs that she's aware of being a huge target along with McCrae, now that two people are enough to comprise an unstoppable voting bloc. So she's hoping that someone in 3AM will win this completion. Well, a) it's 2AM now, and b) Andy's not on your side any more. He says as much in the DR, saying he wants to win and prove his loyalty to the Exterminators. Which would probably reassure GinaMarie, who DRs that she's on her own now that Aaryn's gone.

Flashback to Aaryn's eviction on Thursday night. Amanda DRs that they chose to keep Andy because he's been with them longer and they trust him more, ironically enough. Andy DRs that he's relieved to be off the block, and now everyone but Elissa thinks he's on their side, though he's planning to help get rid of Amanda and McCrae. GinaMarie talks about how hard it was to see Aaryn go, but she had to vote with the house and her alliance. I guess she doesn't have as much leeway as Elissa got last week with her vote to keep Helen.

Immediately after Aaryn's exit but before the beginning of the HoH competition on Thursday, Amanda starts complaining about the group Chenterview that just went down, which according to Amanda has just established the narrative that the taunting between Amanda and Elissa was one-way. No, Amanda, you established that. But she's trying to make the case that Elissa making an oblique comment that could have been interpreted as claiming to have thrown the competition is just as bad as Amanda going on at length about Elissa's creepy-ass clown face. Amanda seems like she'll retaliate for a simple bitch-slap by sodomizing you with a bazooka and call it even. But she delivers a fake, passive-aggressive apology, so I'm sure it won't come up again.

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