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Saturday. Previously on Big Brother 3: The Goober alliance began to crack along gender lines. Lori got the opening boot, and she toted her cowboy hat and her leather pants right back to flyover territory. Marcellas faced adversity, slapped its face, made fun of everything it was wearing, and emerged from the confrontation as head of household.

As usual, the episode begins by showing again, in black and white, what just happened in the previouslys -- in this case, the eviction of Lori the Crazy Lady. The suspiciously derivative Carmina Copyrighta Infringa is emitted by the orchestra, as grayscale Lori is escorted from the house by her grayscale housemates. Everyone post-mortems about what a depressing and terrible experience this first eviction was. Well, everyone except Danielle, whose words are more like "Better her than me." We slide to color as the houseguests give Amy congratulatory hugs for narrowly dodging the axe. Later, Roddy and Marcellas talk about how sad it was when Lori left, and Roddy does a fairly good job of explaining why he voted to evict someone he liked -- in this case, Lori had become unstable and unpredictable, not to mention rather hard to have in the house. Almost immediately, the talk shifts to the details of the Lori-Amy vote, which surprised all the houseguests by coming in so close at five to four. None of the Goobers is especially smart, but once they employ both hands for easier counting, they do manage to come up with the fact that there are six of them, which is one more than five. They are left to wonder who abandoned the plan by failing to vote for Lori. They collectively wrinkle their Goober brows. (Except for Tonya, who is probably unable to wrinkle her brow due to Botox.) Amy is curious, too -- she knows Gerry, Jason, and Danielle voted to bounce her, but she can't find that last vote. (What nobody knows, of course, is that Josh unexpectedly chose to honor an earlier solemn oath to Lori by voting to oust Amy, lest he be stricken with boils and turned into a toad. Not that you could tell.) Sadly and reluctantly, Amy asks Marcellas if he voted against her. "You know I didn't," he assures her. Aww.

And now it's time to salute Marcellas, Captain of the Good Ship Reversal of Fortune. He is giddy and enchanting in the diary room, very nearly hugging himself as he grins that "the tide has turned," because now he's HoH. Danielle's diary-room conversation touches on the same topic. "Is this the biggest comeback in Big Brother history, or what?" she asks. Uh, no. That would still be Nicole. When Marcellas survives a vote the first week, survives being targeted by not one but several people for several weeks in a row, survives being caught on the Live Feeds foot-pleasuring the most disliked person in the house, and then makes it all the way to the final two, he can perhaps aspire to her level of resilience. And, if he's lucky, her level of insanity! Whee! Out in the kitchen, after the HoH-down, Roddy joins in the admiration of Marcellas's rapid ascent, calling it a trip "from the outhouse to the penthouse." Marcellas laughs. Because he thinks Roddy is hot. Amy accompanies Marcellas into the HoH room to check out the goods. They've brought him almonds! And he gets to sleep in the big bed! Whee! Amy tells us that she feels safe with Marcellas as HoH.

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