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If her outfit is any indication, Julie was kind enough to cut her safari short in time to welcome us and the live studio audience to tonight's live eviction episode. We already know that Head of Household Jerry nominated Dan and Keesha, but then Memphis won the Power of Veto and saved Dan from the block, so now it's Keesha vs. Renny on the block, which is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Even the editors won't bother trying to convince us otherwise. Both of them are pretty bummed about being nominated with their closest friend. Memphis is glad that his Renegade alliance is still alive, and Jerry complains that "Betrayal in this game should not go unpunished." And so he goes to bed. Dan, naturally, is thrilled, realizing that this means he and Memphis get to pick who goes home.

Memphis and Dan discuss the big move they just pulled off, and Memphis figures that Jerry's going to freak. However, Jerry keeps his cool, and so he invites Keesha up to the HoH room to warn her that clearly Memphis and Dan aren't looking out for her, whereas Jerry might be her ticket to the end. Jerry also adds that he suspects Memphis has a deal with everyone. Well, even a stopped clock is right twice a day, which is better than Jerry, because Memphis doesn't have a deal with Renny.

So Keesha and Renny talk about Memphis's rescue of Dan and what it all means. And Jerry continues his mindgames with Dan, alerting him that as far as he's concerned, Dan's on equal footing with everyone else in the house, since they've all betrayed him as well. This is Jerry's way of trying to get Dan to take him to the final three. Dan listens blankly and grunts noncommittally. Naturally, Jerry takes this as a sign that Dan's on board.

And in the storage room, Keesha and Dan compare notes on their respective conversations with Jerry, which doesn't take long since they're almost identical. Memphis joins them, and upon hearing that Jerry has accused him of having deals with everyone in the house, he points at each of them in turn and says, "You know that's not true and you know that's not true, so there you go." Smooth. But all that matters to the three of them right now is that Jerry not win PoV next week, so they can get rid of him. After Keesha leaves, Dan and Memphis realize that she could be dangerous if she starts listening to Jerry. Which, to be fair, is true of anyone. In the world.

Renny and Keesha share a bottle of wine and talk about their beautiful friendship until they end up crying and hugging. Damn you, Berlanti!

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