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It's Day 17, and after Keesha's nomination of Angie and Jessie, Angie blandly DRs that it's not over yet. I'm starting to agree with her; after all, how could someone so dull be such a target? Jessie calls his nomination "disrespectful," which is always the ultimate crime in Jessie's eyes. Memphis calls the nominations a "dumb move." I'm kind of with Memphis on that. In the storage room, Keesha requests -- and gets -- validation from her girls, April and Libra, that she made the right move. Jessie, meanwhile, has gone to Michelle to tell her that he thinks Libra "orchestrated" the whole thing. But he's fine with it, because he'll just win PoV and then become HoH. Yeah, again, nominating him for his arrogance doesn't seem to have helped much. He also adds that after he rescues himself, Michelle should probably expect to go up as a replacement nominee. "She put my key in last," Michelle remembers. Yeah, but that was probably just because Keesha lost it under the table for a minute.

Up in the HoH room, Keesha, April, Ollie, Libra, and Renny are all congratulating each other on the nominations. The only thing they can't seem to agree on is which one of the nominees needs to leave more.

Jerry and Dan hang out on the back porch, talking shit about Memphis while predicting this the game seems to be his to lose. Jerry calls Memphis a "womanizer." Jerry may be an ex-Marine, but he never stopped being a Mean Girl.

Jessie goes to visit Keesha in the HoH room, not to confront her, but to warn her about Libra. He says that it was Libra's idea for Jessie to nominate Steven and Dan in the first place, and she seems doubtful until he reminds her how much he had it in for Renny. Meanwhile, Libra and April are outside, wanting to come in, but Keesha has Jessie get rid of them. Then he tunes the HoH TV to the channel that shows the couch outside the HoH room, where April and Libra are sitting and waiting to come in. Jessie goes into his hard sell, telling Keesha that Libra's playing all of them, and is the one who was ultimately responsible for Steven leaving. Keesha buys his whole line lock, stock, and barrel, to the point where she's regretting nominating Jessie in the first place. His work done, Jessie leaves the HoH room without a word to the ladies waiting outside. When Keesha lets Libra and April in, she doesn't give any clue what just went on in there. And downstairs, Jessie gives Michelle the bottom line as he sees it: unless Libra wins PoV, she's out of there. Seems to me like he's getting a little ahead of himself, but that's where he spends the most time.

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