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Julie looks relatively normal at first glance tonight, until you get a load of the multi-tiered necklace she's wearing, which is either some kind of idol to the gods of scaffolding or a mobile uplink to Skynet. Here on Day 41, she reminds us in as many words as possible that Frank is Head of Household, he nominated Joe and Wil (both formerly from Janelle's team), and resisted the temptation to change the nominations to ding Dan when he won the Power of Veto later in the week. She also promises us that "fan favorite Jeff" will be in later to share his opinion on the season thus far. But how will they edit out his ignorant homophobia when he's speaking live?

Back on Day 38, Frank wraps up the PoV ceremony. Dan Diary Rooms that he's relieved not to be nominated, but is aware that he might be seen as a threat ongoing. Frank tells us that nominating Dan would have rocked the boat too much, but Wil yells at us about how Frank "chickened out." Wil's opinion on the matter is of course completely dispassionate and unbiased. He tells us that he's going to play it cool for the next few days. First time for everything. As for Joe, after the Veto ceremony he immediately goes to the fridge to pull out treats he made for everyone. Well played. Of course, it's the only play he has.

Afterwards, Britney joins Danielle in the bathroom to fret about how close they came to seeing Dan get nominated, and about the state of their alliance with Frank and Mike in general. When Dan comes in, Britney lets him know he was in danger, and advises him to win HoH. "It's not in the foreseeable future," Dan says, possibly quoting Ian, and then claiming that he's always trying to win. The whole game, maybe, but certainly not individual competitions.

Ashley comes out to visit and commiserate with Joe, but won't even commit to voting to keep him. "MAYBE MEANS NO," Joe loudly informs us in the DR, although it's possible that when Joe says maybe, he actually means maybe but thinks you're really far away.

In the HoH room, Frank sneaks up on Dan, who's napping on his bed for some reason. Hijinks over, Dan tells Frank he appreciates not being nominated. Frank admits that it occurred to him, a tidbit he shares to "build trust." Of course that tells Dan he can't trust Frank, and is going to take him out when he can. As for this week, Frank says he's still leaning toward getting rid of Wil, because he figures that'll isolate Ashley and Joe. Well, Ashley, at least, since Joe's already isolated. And we're about to see how isolated Ashley can get.

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