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He Blinded Me With Science

Rachel: "Brendon, your slavish devotion to this weird mental construct of me that bears me zero resemblance fills a hole deep inside that I know will never be filled by sex, because I view myself and my body completely as an object."
Brendon: "Rachel, I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, because if I am not stalking a woman at all times I will turn gay. Being with you is a never-ending cresting wave of reps, each of them making me stronger and more manly."
Rachel: "Brendon, keep yourself in this game. I refuse to sacrifice you for my own gameplay."
Brendon: "I will not. Rachel, you are safe."

Daniele, Jeff, Everybody: "This is the stupidest thing that ever happened. God, they are ridiculous people."
Rachel: "I can't believe how romantic this is. I have weird ideas about romance."


Brendon: "Now what? Now that I have totally blown your mind, what will you do?"
Daniele: "Fine. Jordan, you're the pawn."
Rachel: "Everybody, look at me crying! I am so alone and sad and surprised and oh my God."

Brendon: "That is motherfucking science, Daniele, because I am the smartest person in the world. I give myself a boner. With Science."
Daniele's Diary: "God, you're a moron."
Jordan: "God, he's a moron. Now I'm the effing pawn? Lord, these people."
The House: "I'm so sure, Brendon is the worst."

Rachel: "It's like I'm the star of a special movie all about me where I get to cry, but I'm also incredibly special. Watching my halfwit fiancé throw his own stupid ass under the bus for me -- far from being a sign of his dangerous mental imbalance and impairment -- just goes to show that I am the queen of the universe."

So now what? Rachel v. Jordan. Jeff will get flipped, somehow, because that dolt can't even make it three days without forgetting whatever deals he's made, and they're going to work his paranoia, and all four of them are going to bitch and moan about how, even though they're not taking this game personally, it still really feels like Daniele is trying to ruin their relationships, take their fiancées away, whatever whatever. I just want Brendon gone. And not just because he hates women almost as much as Evel Dick and it's really scary to watch, but because once he's gone, Rachel is gonna go Full-On NUTS. And I think we have, at least, earned that.

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