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He Blinded Me With Science

Brendon: "I hope nobody realizes that I'm going to save Rachel with the PoV. But I'm going to, because that's what a heterosexual man in love with a woman does."
Rachel: "Just use the PoV on me. I've been taking your bone marrow every night anyway."

Jeff: "Jordan, I'm confused about basic shit again."
Jordan: "Sweetie, one of them is staying, because this was Veto. You probably won't even get backdoored."
Jeff: "I am so angry right now, just generally."
Jordan: "What a shock."


Kathy: "Daniele, who should I vote for to go home?"
Daniele: "Kathy, it's not time for that yet. He hasn't used the..."
Kathy, lookin' real coked up right now: "I'm just asking you what you want right now and which one of them you are targeting. This is for my own personal information."
Daniele: "Kathy, what are you even doing. I don't care. My part is done."
Kathy: "But you are my liege! Tell me who to vote for! Or really who you want me to vote for!"
Daniele: "Kathy... Kathy, it's... We don't know who's on the block right now. Because of the PoV? That just happened?"
Kathy: "But which one do you want me to vote for?"
Daniele: "Of the two people that we don't know who they are?"
Kathy: "YES."
Daniele: "Okay, fuck it. Um, Brendon...?"
Kathy: "Okay. Just don't put me up. BYE!"

Oh, Kathy's name is Shelly. My bad. I've been watching all season and I honestly thought her name was Kathy this whole time. Kathy The Lesbian That Married A Man. But instead it's Shelly, apparently. Good on ya, Shell. I was closer than I might have been.

Kalia & Daniele: "What the fuck was that."


Daniele: "Here's the deal. I made a deal with you and that deal continues to go on. But I'm hearing now that Brendon is taking himself off."
Jeff & Jordan: Fake lying wide eyes.
Daniele: "Hey, why don't you guys go figure this one out since it doesn't matter anyway and none of this matters anyway."
Daniele's Diary: "You know Brendon's stupid ass is taking Rachel off. Come on."

Jordan, knowing it won't ever come to this: "Use me as a pawn, who cares."
Daniele: "Thing is, Rachel is a fucking liar so if she stays up we're dead."
Jordan: "And then you've got Porsche and Rachel coming for you in HoH when you can't compete."
Jeff: "It just occurred to me that Porsche and Rachel will be coming for you in HoH, too."
Daniele: "Yeah, for real."

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