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He Blinded Me With Science

They get that grody look in their eyes and everybody runs screaming from the room.

Brendon: "To reiterate, everything I just said."

Brendon's Diary: A weeping, retarded mess. Mostly he names periods of time, like an hour or a day or a month. It's all very meaningful.

Brendon & Rachel: "Only our bizarrely incomplete knowledge of Science can accurately describe our made-up feelings for each other."
Brendon & Rachel: "It's because we are scientists."
Brendon & Rachel: "We have really weird ideas about gender, also."
Brendon: "Even if I'm not gay, I might as well be gay."
Kathy: "Right there with ya, buddy."
Rachel: "I can't wait until you cure cancer. Using Science."

Jeff & Jordan hang out, acting totally normal. To Rachel & Brendon this is like the Bat-Signal so they immediately rush into the room to badger them about nothing whatsoever.


Daniele: "Requisite petting your hair and telling you you're pretty, okay?"
Rachel: "I don't take this game personally, EVER. That's why I'm acting suicidal right now."
Daniele: "Okay, but like it really wasn't personal."
Rachel: "When you talk to me like an adult it's like I can actually hear my insane inner monologue get louder and louder until I can't hear you at all."
Daniele: "I realize that. It's why I don't take our conversations seriously."

Rachel: "I can't help feeling like this is because you are jealous of how pretty I am and how I have a fiancé who is a Scientist."
Daniele: "The thing is that you cut deals with absolutely everybody, because you are the definition of 'floater,' that word you're constantly misusing, but you don't remember any of this after the fact, because you are so self-centered and nuts."
Rachel: "Well, now you have your revenge. Because you are literally cutting my body open so my blood and guts spill out into the Big Brother house."
Daniele: "See, it's not about revenge? You're the threat, you physically intimidate people during competitions, and Brendon physically intimidates people -- well, women -- outside of them. How can you not see that? How is it that you literally cannot hear the words coming out of my mouth?"
Rachel: "I think it's because you're so jealous of me and my fiancé and you want to destroy our lives, starting with this game show."

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