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So Long, Asian Sensation

Julie's dressed like the Ingalls' covered wagon as she welcomes us and the live audience to eviction night, when we can expect Jessie or Angie to be evicted. And after a replay of the PoV meeting, Angie says she'll do what she needs to do, and Jessie remains arrogantly assured of his own safety. The one who's having the hardest time with this is Michelle, who's completely distraught about having to choose between her two closest allies/friends. It probably wouldn't help if someone told her that it's not really up to her.

Outside, the Jessie/Memphis/Angie/Michelle axis is chilling on the backyard, wondering where they went wrong. Well, as they say themselves, there was the not winning HoH, not winning PoV, and then Memphis's blow-up with Jerry. So later, Angie approaches Jerry, warning him to look out for himself. Jerry says that Jessie, Michelle, and Memphis had been acting cocky all week. After he makes a friendly gesture to Angie, Memphis (watching from across the yard but not able to actually hear him) interprets this as meaning that the decision has been made to keep Angie. So Memphis goes to the HoH room to confront Keesha -- still hosting a stressed-out Jessie and trying to assure him that he's safe -- and totally exaggerates what Jerry just said to Angie. "Huh," Keesha smiles. Like she cares what anyone thinks at this point.

Meanwhile, Angie is telling Michelle what Jerry actually said, which pisses her off and sends her off on a mission. She goes to report to Memphis and Jessie, and they're all loaded for bear after hearing that. And Jerry is up in the HoH, denying to Keesha (and Dan and April and Renny) that he told Angie she was safe. When Jerry returns to the kitchen, Michelle is lying in ambush for him, and next thing you know, he's in a shouting match with her and Jessie, while Angie smiles to herself at the discord she's sown. Well, that should... do nothing to help Angie. Well done.

After the ads, Julie promises that the house is about to be "shaken up." Yes, that would be Tuesday's earthquake, the first such event for most of them. I was actually in L.A. on Monday, so I missed it by a day. I blame Jessie. The houseguests all freak out to varying degrees, except for Jerry, who joins everyone outside still thinking that someone had moved the whole building. "It's Jerry, he's an idiot," Memphis DRs.

That night, Libra looks out the kitchen window to see Jessie, who gives her a hostile kiss and wave bye-bye. Jessie calls her the most "deviant" person in there, although I think he means "devious," unless he knows something we don't. The women inside (which is to say all of them save Angie) agree that Jessie should be done now.

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