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Dan and Michelle's Reunion

Good thing my DVR is smarter than I am, or else I would have missed this episode entirely and I wouldn't have had anyone to blame but my own hard-wired tendency of my eyes to glaze over whenever Julie Chen speaks. Speaking of whom, she welcomes us and the studio audience to a live episode by reminding us that the winner will be chosen a week from tonight. At least, I think that's what she said. I may have tuned out a bit there.

We're reminded that Dan has gotten so sneaky that he's nominated his secret ally in order to a) hide said alliance, b) win Keesha's trust, and c) make Jerry think there's a schism he can exploit. All of which seems to be working quite smoothly as the episode opens.

Jerry approaches Memphis, who acts like he's pissed at Dan for nominating him. The act, by the way, is not nearly as convincing as it was a couple of weeks ago, when it was not an act. Not that Jerry notices, mind you. Keesha also privately discusses the nominations with Dan, saying that she appreciates the way he has her back. Some vestigial, flipper-shaped conscience somewhere inside him compels Dan to remind her that it would be a good idea for her to win Power of Veto this week, and we see Dan in the Diary Room explaining that the PoV winner this time will control who goes home. Which is win-win for the Renegades, because he thinks he's be able to influence a victorious Keesha, while Memphis would be able to steer Jerry.

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen, Jerry is interpreting Keesha's pleasure at not being nominated as a sign that Jerry's being screwed somehow. Which he is, but that has nothing to do with Keesha's reaction. Memphis and Jerry call each other their only hope, but only Jerry means it. And sure enough, after the talk is over, Memphis heads up to the Head of Household room to talk about how well things are going for the Renegades.

Julie reminds us that Dan won the luxury competition that meant he got to pick a houseguest or jury member to take with him to a private island, and he picked Michelle without telling any of the other houseguests. On the day of the trip, Dan is called into the DR, where he puts on a blindfold prior to getting into a limo. Once in the car, he gets to take it off, and notices that gas is now $3.89 a gallon, down a bit from where it was earlier in the summer. "Good job, America," he says. Uh, thanks?

Dan then gets to board a helicopter that flies out over the ocean, and Dan seems to be wondering if he might be better off crashing into the Pacific than coming face-to-face with Michelle. When she arrives on the island where Dan has landed, Dan explains that she doesn't know which of the houseguests chose her, and will be surprised to see him. Indeed she is, and Dan puts on the smarm to try to win her over while they share a very wine-intensive lunch on the beach. Michelle interviews that it was nice of Dan to pick her, although she suspects that Dan is trying to secure her jury vote. Wow, can't get anything past her. Michelle quizzes Dan about what happened and who knew about her imminent backdooring. He names Renny, Memphis, and Keesha as his accomplices, which is pretty canny of him considering one of them will probably be with him if he makes it to the end. Then they go swimming and kayaking in the ocean, and the date is over. Dan flies off first, and I'm sure that if this hadn't gone well he would have been fully prepared to bribe the pilot not to return for Michelle.

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