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Triple Threat

Julie's dressed for the funeral of Queen Jadis as she reminds us that it's Frank's third nomination and Janelle's third game, but only one of them will make it through the evening. All this talk about survival and lives on the line kind of cheapens actual survivors, doesn't it? And then, after previouslies and credits, Julie tells us that it's Day 34, and reminds us that tonight is the first eviction since the game was restarted. Which makes the previous evictions just that much more humiliating.

We flash back to this week's Veto meeting, in which HoH and PoV-holder Danielle saved Wil and nominated Janelle in his place. In the aftermath, everyone but Janelle acts shocked, which is curious because Janelle is pretty much the only person in the house who is shocked. Britney goes in to find Janelle and put on an act about how blindsided she is about this, while Mike does a whole act for the cameras about how awesome he is, bragging that he made himself the de facto HoH. Janelle goes into the HoH room to confront Danielle alone, which Danielle is so not prepared for. Still, she acquits herself well, by claiming she heard Janelle was coming after her. But at least Janelle doesn't suspect her, because as she correctly DRs, "She couldn't have come up with this on her own." Danielle lies to Janelle that she'll probably stay instead of Frank, and Janelle coldly takes her leave.

Danielle's next visitor is Dan, who's proud of her for graduating from "the Big Brother School of Dan," and tells her, "You're about to get one of the best players to never win this game out of the house." That almost sounds impressive.

Dan then invites Janelle to talk one-on-one, and she quickly accepts. In the storeroom, he claims to be as surprised as she is, but clumsily tries to pass it off as a "girl thing." Yeah, Dan, that sexist crap might work on Mike, but Janelle is...well, Janelle seems convinced, actually. Dammit. Dan lamely suggests Janelle try to drum up some votes, and adds that the coaches will be screwed if she leaves. Which is what he actually used to think. If this weren't awkward enough, Mike blunders in, grabs some groceries, and wanders back out in uncomfortable silence. Before Janelle can pick up on the weird vibe, Dan makes some supportive noises to Janelle that he totally doesn't mean, but Janelle figures she can secure five votes.

She starts with Joe and Wil, assumes Ashley and Britney are on her side, and approaches Jenn and Ashley individually as well. Just to cover her bases, she meets with Britney to confirm her loyalty. Britney lies that she's on board with keeping Janelle, and even acts worried about Janelle's fate. That's a smarter move than Britney probably realizes, because if she acted too confident Janelle would assume -- correctly -- that Britney knows something she doesn't. As it is, Janelle wonders if she's missing something, while Britney continues to play dumb. Janelle continues talking about what a mistake it would be to evict her -- and, unfortunately for Britney, she seems to be taking Janelle's point. That's the thing about Mike's evil plans: they lose potency without continuous exposure.

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