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Morality Takes A Holiday

As Marcellas explains to us, what happened next was that they went into the storage room and found it fully stocked with food, and also with pizza for dinner. He reminds us that five of them had been on slop for a week, plus there was George, who's on slop always. They all shout and holler over the food, but George chills in the bedroom because he can't eat. Marcellas, acting like the weight of the world is on him, takes the week-long slop pass he won and gives it to George. Or rather, he tries to give it to George. George turns him down on the first shot, as he pretty much has to. Marcellas says that he's leaving it. George insists, but Marcellas insists. "This was an opportunity for me to do something good for someone else," Marcellas says in the DR. "Hopefully, he'll remember that if I'm ever nominated for eviction." In other words, it's generous, but also self-interested, which is as generous as Marcellas is going to get. George picks up the pass and goes out to the dining room, where he tries again to return the pass to Marcellas. My favorite part is Marcellas's tiny glimmer of self-knowledge when he takes George aside again and urges him to take it, and then he says, "I never have these moments. Use the pass." I like the idea of trying to get people to accept your kindness by emphasizing its rarity. Finally, George gives Marcellas a hug and agrees to eat for the week. "That put Marcellas on quite a big pedestal to me," George DRs, shedding light on exactly why Marcellas did it. George says it was "a gift that [he] needed at that time." And George prattles on about kindness, and the tinkly music plays, and it's all really silly. George does seem to enjoy the pizza, though. I guess you take your moments of humanity where you can find them, especially where Marcellas is concerned.

Danielle surprises James in a private chat by saying she wants to put him up, because he'll be able to play for the veto then, and she desperately wants Janelle not to get the veto. James calls this "nuts." Danielle insists, however, that it will also give cover to their alliance. James isn't convinced, and Danielle admits that her plan is "risky." But Danielle really, really wants to get Janelle out. For whatever reason, James finds it necessary to mention to Danielle that Janelle is, unlike last year, "a fat piece of shit." Lovely. Do you kiss your girlfriend with that mouth? I guess the implication is that if Janelle weren't so fat, he wouldn't want to vote her out. Good thinking! James says he'd want to know he had the votes before he'd want to be nominated, but Danielle swears that it will work. James explains this plan in the DR, and says that he still doesn't like it, because it could so easily send him home. I hear that, certainly. If you took all the people who have been evicted after being assured they were only being nominated as pawns and laid them end to end, they would all still be idiots, but at least you'd have something to walk on.

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