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Danielle decides to take a shot at rubbing Will's back, but she quickly discovers that he has a curvature on his spine, like a hump. How fascinating. Will speculates that it's just his skeleton hungrily trying to escape his body. Danielle is very wigged out and thinks the hump is his "undeveloped twin." The idea that there would be two Wills is very unsettling, especially if they're both in the same body and they can conspire without anyone knowing. As Will lies miserably on the floor, Kaysar throws a sheet over him before trying to rub his back again. Less gay that way, you know? Because being separated from a dude by a sheet doesn't suggest anything sexy. Howie says that when he walked in, he just figured Will had died, as he always figured he would. He wonders aloud whether the rules allow voting out a corpse. Heh.

Howie, Janelle, Kaysar and James all have a chat. James encourages them to believe that they're all safe. Well, maybe all except Janelle. He reminds her that she decided to go after floaters last week, and says they'll all be feeling the effects of that decision on her part. "Um, why?" Janelle asks idiotically, and James tells her that it's because the floaters now feel, correctly, that she's coming after them. He tells her all she has to do is look at how it was, other than Howie, all floaters hanging in at the end of HoH, where before, they mostly would have dropped out. In the DR, James tells us that Janelle is the target, and that her "idiotic nominations" last week have put her in this position. Janelle presses for an answer about whether she would have enough votes to stay if she were up against Marcellas. "This Anna Nicole Smith wannabe is probably the dumbest person to ever play this game," James says in the DR. She's clearly not the dumbest, no, but she's not seeming too smart, I have to agree. And "Anna Nicole Smith" is distressingly...difficult to entirely dismiss. They're certainly going for the same look.

Danielle runs out and offers to show off her HoH bedroom for everyone. As usual, all pretend to care. As usual, none actually do. Predictably, the room is tastefully decorated, and it contains lots of pictures of Danielle's family. Janelle says her "pink palace" was better. She would. Of course, Danielle's family sent her ratty pink robe again, just like last time, so Danielle has a touch of pink crap. At least Janelle wouldn't be entirely adrift. Her letter from her mother is very loving. Danielle DRs that her mother has been through all kinds of things and always "held her head up high." Just like you do...on Big Brother? I guess. George tells us that he's probably the only person who really understands Danielle, because the rest of them aren't married with kids. And I have no problem with that, as long as he's willing to admit that other people's lives also have emotional aspects that he's not able to understand. It's the married people who claim to know your life and their lives that piss me off.

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